Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Before and After

Here is Carsyn on Tuesday morning before going to daycare. Then here she is after coming home. This little girl plays hard during the day. Tony and I found the best babysitter. Brandy loves Carsyn and is so great with her! Carsyn hangs out all day with Callen and Keoni. Callen is only 10 days younger than Carsyn and Keoni is 4. Then Savannah comes around 1 in the afternoon and she just turned 1 in April. Carsyn loves to watch the older kids plays. Carsyn is obviously an only child. Every time Brandy talks to any of the kids, Carsyn thinks she is talking to her. She starts laughing and cooing and talking back. Brandy says Carsyn doesn't miss a things. She's very observant and thinks she is a big girl.

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