Monday, November 28, 2011

More Advice

Carsyn is getting wise in her years. She offered Momma some sage advice as I was leaving for work today.

Watch out for the bumpy bumps and falling trees. Make sure your car goes over them (instead of hitting them?).

We’ve been in Oklahoma for a few days. Driving on some country roads…you put it together.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Baby Reveal

I had an ultrasound on Monday to make sure this baby is growing healthy and strong. The bonus is we also found out the sex of the baby. Since it was so close to Thanksgiving we decided to reveal the sex in person to our family.P1080341Wednesday night at my parents house we had a little cake and made everyone guess (well…everyone except Jeff. The idea that he could be wrong and it would be written down for all to see was just too much and he didn’t participate. PaPa T voted twice. He didn’t want to be wrong either.)

P1080343Gage just really wanted some cake!


And the exciting news is…







P1080352P1080347I’ll always be so thankful to have the experience of both. Tony is convinced his relationship with Carsyn will be stronger than ever and I can have the boy. But what I think he really means is that I can have surgery, the late night feedings, the sleepless nights for the next year and he’ll keep the potty trained, sleeps through the night 3 year old Daddy’s girl.


After telling my crew, we headed north to Tony’s parent’s house and did the baby reveal all over again. They were just as excited! (probably because we didn’t make them sign a paper with their guess)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

How do you noodle?

One of the blessing of joining another family is you learn new skills. Oh sure, these skills might have existed in your own family, but you personally had never seen them in action. You also learn to make these things loved by the people you love. Thus…homemade noodles. These noodles are a staple of the Massey girls and Tony’s mom has been gracious enough to share her knowledge with me.P1080321 It’s getting colder and warm comfort food sounds good. Decided to make chicken noodle soup.


Carsyn decided to help. It’s so sweet and she takes it very seriously. Please note the knife, spoon and fork in the picture above. Those were her utensils of choice. I only used the fork.


She participated at every level of noodle making. She mixed her flour and eggs, rolled them out and then spread flour EVERYWHERE. Her chair, her jeans, her shoes (which should have been off in the first place), the floor in the kitchen, hallway, bathroom, little hand prints of flour on the ottoman. EVERYWHERE.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Tony!

Carsyn was a little excited about Tony’s birthday. She was even more excited about making him a cake. Her first idea for ingredients included eggs, milk, a banana and strawberries. Luckily Daddy was able to convince her the box kind was the best option! P1080310 Carsyn was an excellent helper. She helped me count out the eggs, measure the water, and oil. She had her spoon ready to stir at a moments notice. She even dragged herself to the store when she realized momma didn’t have enough oil to get the job done. Trooper.

She even held the mixer while we blended all our ingredients together. Super job baby girl!!P1080317Carsyn helped ice the cake and put the Happy Birthday letters on for Daddy. We made a great team and Daddy loved his cake.

Tony’s birthday was Monday and we headed to RJ Gators for supper. See Carsyn trying alligator for the first time. It wasn’t a hit. She insisted on taking a bit instead of popping the whole thing in her mouth. Which is ironic since she’s willing to shove an entire piece of toast in her mouth without a bit.


Tony got some awesome OU gear for his birthday. Thank you for being born! So happy to have you as my husband and Carsyn’s Daddy.