Thursday, November 17, 2011

How do you noodle?

One of the blessing of joining another family is you learn new skills. Oh sure, these skills might have existed in your own family, but you personally had never seen them in action. You also learn to make these things loved by the people you love. Thus…homemade noodles. These noodles are a staple of the Massey girls and Tony’s mom has been gracious enough to share her knowledge with me.P1080321 It’s getting colder and warm comfort food sounds good. Decided to make chicken noodle soup.


Carsyn decided to help. It’s so sweet and she takes it very seriously. Please note the knife, spoon and fork in the picture above. Those were her utensils of choice. I only used the fork.


She participated at every level of noodle making. She mixed her flour and eggs, rolled them out and then spread flour EVERYWHERE. Her chair, her jeans, her shoes (which should have been off in the first place), the floor in the kitchen, hallway, bathroom, little hand prints of flour on the ottoman. EVERYWHERE.


  1. I love seeing these pictures. It is such a joy knowing that you are teaching Carsyn the important things that you know. She is so cute. She does take preparing food seriously. I am so proud of you, Carsyn. I love you so much.

  2. Great idea, Crystal. Carsyn is going to be a great cook!! I will let her make my noodles. She will probably teach me a thing or two.