Thursday, May 28, 2009

Carsyn's Room

It's Show Us Where You Live Friday over on Kelly's blog. This is my first time to particiapte, but thought it would be fun to show off Carsyn's room. I used this Friday as a deadline to get it finished. I almost made it, but there are still a few things I want get done in there, but for the most part it's done.

View from hallway.

Here is the crib that her Daddy bought her. Little bonus from a Vegas trip!

Here is a close up of Carsyn's bedding. I love it. Our Sunday School teacher's wife, Kim, is amazing and helped me pick out all the fabric. I was just going to go with Pink and Brown, which are great colors, but she opened my eyes to a whole new idea. These colors go better with the rest of our house and hopefully will grow with Carsyn as she comes a big girl. 5-6 girls from our Sunday School class spent HOURS making this bedding. They are so generous. Carsyn's bedding was the first of many. So far they've made 3 sets and I'm sure there is more to come as others keep getting pregnant.

The crib is a convertable and they made the coverlet large enough to transition to a comforter for her toddler bed. Thanks girls!

The chest is my toy box from when I was little. My sister recovered it several years ago with the black fabric. Before it was a yucky green vinyl. The Large black frame is something I bought at Hobby Lobby in the first year of my marriage much to my husband's dismay. It was 90% off and I couldn't resist. He had no vision for it ;-) I knew I would use it some day. And finally 5 years later my purchase paid off! The day before I went to the hospital my friend Jenni and I were digging through Linen's-N-Things looking for a deal (it was their very last day of business and EVERYTHING was 95%). Jenni found the lettering and it was only $2. So, needless to say, I'm very proud of my less than $20 big bang for my buck!

another view for the full effect.

Curtains! I finally got these finished this weekend. It's a project that started 3 months ago.

Here is Carsyn's new dresser. It came in on Monday. Now we can stop changing our sweet baby on the floor. Granny is very grateful!

What nursery is complete without a sleeping baby?!?!? Mind you, MY baby doesn't sleep here. Not at night at least. Just the occasional nap.

Thanks for stopping by to see where Carsyn lives...hopefully some day!

Sleep, Sweet Glorious Sleep

While I realize I don't have a photo to share and that is often what most people come to see, please understand that EVERYONE was sleeping and it's hard to take pictures when you're sleeping.
My sweet baby girl fell asleep on her daddy's chest last night about 10:30 and didn't wake up until he picked her up at 6 AM. Are you getting this??? She slept. Now this isn't the first time. Back in the day of pre-knee injury and pre-chaos she would be fairly consistant with 5-6 hours a night during the week. But that was becoming a distant memory and I was beginning to think it was possibly my imagination. But it does it exist!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

For a family with a new baby and a dad with a bum knee, we sure were busy this weekend. I really can't remember where we were going, but Carysn is wearing a onesie that we bought for her on our vaction to NYC. She's just cute and so here is a picture of that.
Sunday night we headed over to the Cogburns for game night with our Sunday School class. Just like junior high. The girls gather together and the boys do their thing. They played outside, watched tv, played American Idol. The ladies just played cards, ate and talked. It was really nice for us becuase Carsyn stayed home with Granny and PaPa T.

Carysn was decked out for summer fun. She had her watermelon dress on and her...FLIP FLOPS! Aunt Misty will be so proud. one problem. Look closely. See it? She can barely fit the strap between her big toe and her second toe. Who made these things? They are WAY too thick! So, we took the picture and off the shoes went. That's how she really likes it any way.

Monday afternoon my grandparents came over form Mesquite. Carsyn showed off all her tricks for her great-grandparents. She was so sweet to entertain all of us. rolling over, spitting, laughing, jumping like crazy in her jumperoo

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Knee Update

Tony met with the Orthopedic Surgeon on Thursday. Everything looks great. The doctor is pleased with his range of motion and all the progress he's making in Physical Therapy.
The IV therapy is still kicking his butt. Please pray that the nausea and other stuff will go away.
I took this picture. I really wanted one of him and his doctor, but thought that might be going to far. Tony is smiling because he was laughing at me about creating a blog entry for his knee progress.

Roll Over

Last time I made you wait 30 seconds for nothing. This time, it's real quick! Don't blink. I stopped the video in the middle because I was afraid she was just going to sit there, lay there rather. Now you have to watch two.

Carsyn is having so great tummy time on this Saturday morning. We're just hanging out in our PJ's. Daddy doesn't feel well so we're playing in the living room while Mommy catches us on episodes of Ugly Betty.

We went to a fancy Mexian restuarant with two other couples from church last night. Fancy, AKA I had a Ceasar salad instead of tacos. It was funny. 6 adults, 2 babies at each end of the table, crowded space. We're all learning together about living life with babies.

I'd really like to get her nursery finished this weekend and post pictures for everyone to enjoy!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Last night I had two goals.
1. Post to my blog. I know I have tons of adoring fans that are craving to hear from me. In fact, I'm certain they check my blog several times a day just in case I've added more pictures or stories. Since I aim to please, I felt compelled to provide TWO entries last night.
2. Keep Ms. Carsyn awake until 'bedtime'. I'm going to be honest. She doesn't have a bedtime. The only thing about her schedule is to have a bath around 8. That because it's between the 'came home from playing' feeding and the 'right before bed' feeding.

So I'm on the couch uploading photos, typing, looking at other blogs, stealing ideas. Carsyn is next to me in her Jumperoo. This girl is going to town! It's very exciting and I MUST get it recorded for you to enjoy. Of course we have two showings a night at the house where you're more than welcome to come and watch. 1 orange slush from Sonic is the price of admission and I promise it's worth it. I regress (name that quote. know who said it often? hint...from an old TV show - old to me, not like Andy Griffith old, but more like the 80's), back to last night...I look over and what do I see? Carsyn, plum tuckered out. Poor baby. But I must admit, she's like her momma, she can sleep anywhere!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

May Day

Carsyn is having lots of fun playing at Brandy's house and at home. She is sleeping better (expect for Friday night and she partied until 3am or later. Well at least Momma partied until 3am and then Daddy took over). She woke up once last night. I can handel once a night. It's the 3 times in 8 hours that is hard to deal with.
Here is Carsyn this afternoon. Isn't she so cute in her little jean shorts! See her looking at her keys? She is so sweet discovering things around her. She'll hold her hands up and stare at them. Turning them around, moving her fingers. Look at that sweet baby smiling at her Daddy. Note the keys are still in hand!

Hand Me Downs

Gotta love friends that had babies before you! I walked upstairs this weekend and got a whole tub full of 3-6 months clothes, all gifted to Carsyn from friends in Oklahoma. I am so grateful for those clothes. Carsyn always looks so cute because of them and Tony and I don't have to shell out a ton of money for clothes that last a few month.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Life Goes On

Carsyn has a new seat. I love it! She is able to sit up like a big girl and most importantly, she isn't rubbing a bald spot on the back of her head!
We've been home from the hospital now for over a week. We're back to our family of three. All of our helpers have gone home and returned to their own responsiblities. We're making it. Of course it's only been three days and the weekend.
Tony heads to PT for the first time today. His knee is still hurting and he is frustrated with the PICC line. It's just annoying to have it in his arm and to give himself the IV therapy 3 times a day.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Roller Girl

Carsyn showed off her stuff last night. I'm pretty sure she's rolled over before but I never could prove it. Now I have witnesses and she rolled over from her tummy to her back several times.

Now watch the video. Wait for it. Wait for it. Now you know my secret. Just like every other parents worst fear, I couldn't get my baby to perform on video!

New Decor

Tony brought a few things home with him from the hospital. 1. Some kind of cooler that connects to an ice pack that he wraps around his knee. 2. a machine that moves his knee. 3. an IV pole

My living room has drastically changed in the last 4 months. As you can see I have medical equipment next to all the baby swings.

Carsyn will make you jump! Jump!

This was taken almost a month ago, but she's just so darn cute i felt the need to share.

4 month check up

Carsyn at her doctors appt on Friday with my phone because I'm a frazzled mom and left my camera in the Tahoe with my purse. It has taken me this long to figure out how to get the video off my phone and onto this blog. And I did want to post anything out of order.
So here we are on Friday morning getting Carsyn her next set of shots. She was very brave and strong. I know it hurt her, but we talked about it and she agreed a few moments of pain were worth it being safe from the diseases. I nursed her afterwards and she found that very comforting.
She now weights 14 lbs 13 oz.
I talked with the doctor about rice cereal (everyone’s cure all for babies that don't sleep at night). He suggested giving her a supplemental bottle of formula instead of cereal. I liked that idea, until last night when it came time to actually give it to her. I got the cans out from the cabinet (I was gifted a few and then as soon as the world hears your pregger stuff just starts showing up for free on your doorstep). I have two brands to pick from. Thus creating a small panic in my mind. Which is better? How much do I fix? They actually don't say on the can how much to fix for a 14 lbs 13 oz 4 month old baby. So what do I I love that search engine!! It takes me to, another useful site. This is where the panic grows. Supplementing formula for a feeding can cause me to not produce as much milk, Carsyn might like formula better, it might hurt her tummy, it will cause her poop to stink... and so on. Bottom line is, I didn't give her formula. Instead I nursed her at 8, 12, 2:30 and again at 7:15. This is only perpetuates the cycle of me being a crazy frazzled mom.


Tony finally go to leave the hospital on Saturday around noon. We headed to Sonic for lunch and then to the infectious disease doctor's office. We learned about PICC lines and the IV thereapy that Tony will receieve 3 times a day.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are!

Here is our little diva this morning. Very happy girl in the mornings! Carsyn has discovered her voice can control people. She is starting to cry out so she can be held. Nice right? We're working on it, but with grandmas and aunt in charge of her weekend and nightly care, it's hard to control ;-) The babysitter has also noticed little Miss Carsyn's new found behavior. Once Tony get out of the hospital, we work on your new smartly pants.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Post Surgery #2

We spoke with the doctor about 10 am and he felt that a second surgery was needed. Tony's knee wasn't bending well enough and he still had a great deal of pain. Went downstairs about 1:30 and then waited in surgery holding for about 3 hours. Slightly frutrating. I have a great pic of Tony with his blue surgerical cap. Nice, real nice.
The doctor said the surgery was successful (heard that before). He cleaned everything out, there were some blood clots and it looked like something was brewing and he is glad he went in and flushed it all out. The doctor manipulated his knee while in surgery and said he could only bend it about 70 degrees. He is giving Tony some different pain meds in the hopes of getting his pain under control. Once the pain is better Tony can work on bending and straightening his knee.
Probably not going home until Friday or Saturday.

Midnight reflections

I just wanted to capture a few of my thoughts before Tony's possible surgery tomorrow.
We have some fantastic friends. Tony and I have only been in Texas for 2 1/2 years and have only know most of our friends for less than 2, but you'd think we've know each other all our lives. These are people that have prayed for us, encouraged us with words, snacks, Sonic drinks, car removal, long hospital visits, getaway trips, emails, and phone calls. Thank you!
Tony's stay in the hospital has been a trial for us. And we are looking forward to the day that it will end, but I'm choosing not to miss God's lessons and blessing as we go through the valley. I'm trusting as I go through this Chapter 40 in my life, that God is strenthening my character, teaching me to be a better wife and showing me that a chapter 41 is on the other side.
Here is the email I sent out to our Sunday School class this afternoon:
The doctor came in this morning to look at Tony's knee. He's not pleased with how little he can bend it. He is concerned because it's more swollen today than yesterday. We'll be here for at least another night. Tony can't eat anything after midnight. The doc will come in first thing in the morning and decide if we go for round 2. Pray for the swelling to go down and for Tony to be able to bend his knee well.Pray for his overall health. He is tired and nausea. Pray for our spirits. We're frustrated, sleep deprived and missing our baby.

Daddy's Girl

That baby girl sure loves her daddy. She wasn't bothered by the machines or wires or other hospital stuff. All she saw was her daddy and felt secure in his arms. It's very sweet to watch.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Where's the Baby?!?!?

Carsyn has been hanging out with MawMaw (Tony's mom) at the house. God knew what was happening with Tony. By the time we got a call from the doctor on Friday afternoon to go to the hospital, Donna was already on her way down to our house. She was coming anyway to help me out with Carsyn while Tony was in Vegas. You can see she is VERY happy and well taken care of. She loves that jumperoo. Aunt Misty gave her a bath. Don't you love how kicked back and relaxed Carsyn looks? She loves bath time. Notice that she sits side ways with her feet hanging off the side. It works for her!

Baby Love

Carsyn came up to visit Tony last night. They both just adore each other and it's really killing Tony to not be with her at home. MawMaw dressed her up in her OU outfit to make Daddy happy. It worked.
She's such a good baby. She was up her for several hours and there was no fussin' All the nurses and staff thought she was so cute. We agree.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Doc was Wrong

This is a pic of the inside of Tony's knee. Pretty cool.
This is Tony at the hospital last night. Post-surgery is a lot scarier. More tubes and machines now.
Here is a little recap of the last 18 hours.
Tony was all excited gathering his stuff for Vegas. His flight was 7:50 Friday night. The doctor called about 2pm and said the results from Thursday were wrong. Tony has a staph infection in his knee. It's very serious and he needs surgery ASAP. I remembered the doctor did say on Thursday that the lab results would be hard to read because Tony had already been taken antibiotics. It also explains why they couldn't find any crystallization in the sample from Thursday. No gout, but infection.
Tony was admitted to the hospital last night, had surgery this morning. The doctor drained his knee, flushed out crap (very technical medical term used by the doctor) and cleaned out the infected tissue. The surgery was a success. No cartilage damage.
It's not over yet, keep praying. Tony will get a PICC line today and then be on IV therapy for about a month. Possibly going home on Monday.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Tony's Knee

If you'll notice in the last post, Tony had a bandage on his knee. Well, this is a drama that has been dragging on for about 2 weeks. The short version of the story is...He has some kind of inflammatory problem. We went to an orthopedic surgeon Thursday morning. The doctor drained his knee and said there were two options. It's an inflammation and can be treated with medicine. The other option is an infection and if that is the case we'll do surgery Friday to clean it out. WHAT? surgery! Good news is the labs came back and it's not an infection. Bad news is that it's probably gout and this problem can occur again.