Thursday, May 7, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are!

Here is our little diva this morning. Very happy girl in the mornings! Carsyn has discovered her voice can control people. She is starting to cry out so she can be held. Nice right? We're working on it, but with grandmas and aunt in charge of her weekend and nightly care, it's hard to control ;-) The babysitter has also noticed little Miss Carsyn's new found behavior. Once Tony get out of the hospital, we work on your new smartly pants.


  1. that onesie is SOOO cute on her!

  2. Gosh Crystal! She looks like you more and more! =) minus the zebra print.

  3. I wasn't in charge of the night. Just the day. ;) All she needed was a red belt to cinch in the waist. Hehe. Just kidding.