Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Last night I had two goals.
1. Post to my blog. I know I have tons of adoring fans that are craving to hear from me. In fact, I'm certain they check my blog several times a day just in case I've added more pictures or stories. Since I aim to please, I felt compelled to provide TWO entries last night.
2. Keep Ms. Carsyn awake until 'bedtime'. I'm going to be honest. She doesn't have a bedtime. The only thing about her schedule is to have a bath around 8. That because it's between the 'came home from playing' feeding and the 'right before bed' feeding.

So I'm on the couch uploading photos, typing, looking at other blogs, stealing ideas. Carsyn is next to me in her Jumperoo. This girl is going to town! It's very exciting and I MUST get it recorded for you to enjoy. Of course we have two showings a night at the house where you're more than welcome to come and watch. 1 orange slush from Sonic is the price of admission and I promise it's worth it. I regress (name that quote. know who said it often? hint...from an old TV show - old to me, not like Andy Griffith old, but more like the 80's), back to last night...I look over and what do I see? Carsyn, plum tuckered out. Poor baby. But I must admit, she's like her momma, she can sleep anywhere!


  1. She is just gorgeous!! We have to get the girls together for some fun!!

  2. Crystal,
    She is beautiful. I know you are a fabulous mother. I have been waiting to see pictures and your mom put one up tonight on facebook. I shall keep watching. I love you.

  3. That is the cutest thing ever. She just gets cuter each day. I guess I need to get one of those, probably making her legs really strong!

  4. I need to come down soon and snuggle that sweet baby before she gets any bigger! I'll call you soon!