Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mean Green

Whatcha lookin' at?
Carsyn is starting solids and we're experimenting. I know everyone has an opinion about the order of solids: fruit, veggies, yellow, red, green, purple. You get the idea. We started with apples, butternut squash, sweet potatoes. The we went for the GREEN. I tried zucchini. Wow that went over very badly. There was screaming and crying and banging of fists (gnashing of teeth. you get the idea). We tried green peas tonight. WAY better out come.
While Carsyn was playing with her sippy cup, I made peaches. Clearly multitasking went out the door when the baby came out. Does that blade Always have to go in first???

Thanks MamMaw

MamMaw Reece (Carsyn's middle namesake and her great-great-grandma) gave Carsyn this sippy cup along with a matching bowl and spoons.

Happy 7 month Birthday

Carsyn Reece Reed

You have been so much fun the last month. My heart just melts when you get excited to see me or your Daddy come home.
  • While you still love your Jumperoo, you've go a new trick. You jump jump jump then lift your legs up and SWING.
  • You have TWO teeth. They just popped up over night.
  • Thankfully the hair in the back of your head is finally growing back in!
  • You like to eat, You like to eat, You like to eat: apples, sweet potato, butternut squash, green peas
  • You DO NOT LIKE zucchini - in fact it makes you MAD
  • Soft books are one of your favorite toys. I like to think you're practicing this verse: Jer.15:16 When your words came, I ate them; they were my joy and my heart's delight, for I bear your name, O Lord God Almighty.
  • You are also playing with a sippy cup.
  • You are a drama queen already. Going to have to work on getting that in check.
  • You eat in the high chair every night. Big time.
  • You love you some Texas Rangers. You and Daddy spend a lot of quality time watching them on TV.
  • The MOST EXCITING THING...You started to crawl

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


She is sacked out!


The headband and little bow make me think of a flapper. I'm sure it's not historically accurate, but it's what I think.

Hey Momma, that's me! I love looking at me!


Tony and I had date night on Saturday. We had Tony's buddy, Uncle Sean and his girlfriend Lisa come over and watch Carsyn. We went to downtown Fort Worth and ate a really nice dinner. We partied as long as we could. Clock struck 9:30 and we were ready to go home. Had great babysitters for the whole evening and we were home and in bed by 10:30. In an attempt to show our trust and not offend out great babysitters by returning early, we offered to go on to bed and let them keep Carsyn for the rest of the night. . . They weren't that offended.

I LOVE Uncle Sean!

What Up?

Return of the Jumperoo

Saturday Morning

I love lazy Saturday mornings when Carsyn and I get to hang out. I also love it when she goes back to sleep after her 6:30 feeding! Enjoy...


Mirror Image

I just loved the way Carsyn mirrored Tony. She's so smart. As you can well imagine she waited for Tony to sit in the floor with his legs out and then she situated herself just like him. Impressive.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Call It Christened

It didn't take Carsyn long to break the new highchair in. She wanted to spread the sweat potato love ALL around.

Little Stinker.

Un, Umgawa, Carsyn's Got the Power

Don't know about your house, but She who holds the remote, holds the power. You can well imagine the struggles at our house ;-)

High Top Table for 1, Name: Rocky

So it's here. The high chair. We brought it down last week. Daddy put it together for Carsyn while she was taking her bath. She didn't get to eat in it that night. Just sit and check it out. While wearing her Ducky/Rocky robe. How sweet.

Sip, don't Slurp

Here is Carsyn inspecting her new sippy cup. I think she likes it!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

PaPa T's Coming to Town

Last Friday my dad came down and spent the night. We went and ate at Abuelo's because they're having a 20th Anniversary special! You know I love a bargain.

I've sure someone was thinking...Hey Lady, Your baby has something attacking her head!

Criss-Cross Applesauce!!

So...we Finally decided to give Carsyn so real food. Wednesday night, July 15th Carsyn ate applesause. It was homemade by me and Catherine from real apples. We added some love and a little work and that's it. Carsyn loves it. She would eat the whole apple if I'd let her.

Baby Needs Stuff

Thanks Mom!

So, after our discovery, I headed off to Babies-R-Us the next day to make some responsible purchases. Gotta take care of those pearly whites.

It's Sippy Cup Time! Hooray! I guess...I'm still a little sad that Carsyn is already using a sippy cup. Of course I need to put it all in perspective. She's actually just playing with a sippy cup. It's all about learning and exploring. I'm trying to live in the moment.

Houston We Have...


Tuesday, July 14th, I was feeding Carsyn some cereal and the spoon hit something. (of course I realize if I was using the Super Mom approved rubber tipped spoon, I would not have been beating up Carsyn's gums and soon to be teeth. Corrective action has been taken and we now have a rubber tipped spoon). I pulled back her bottom lip and held off her tongue, no easy task with only two hands. What to my delight did I find...TWO teeth. I don't have photographic evidence of it, but you can come visit us and see for yourself.

Wednesday Cutie!

I just love this outfit and wanted to share.


When we go back from Oklahoma we had friends staying with us! The Powell's were there to help me unload Carsyn (Tony was in Vegas) and ALL our stuff. Scott was the Best Man in our wedding. Jody was my 4th grade teacher. They have two fantastic girls and I was really thankful for their help on Sunday and Monday night while Tony was gone.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Pool Party

Sunday afternoon we played in Granny's backyard with our buddy Gunner. Gunner's parents, Jenni and Donovan are some of good friends. Note the red cup returns.

Meet the Jung's

Admittly, I didn't get very good pics. Misty, if you have better ones, let me know.

Sunday in Oklahoma (yes, I'm acting like I posted this a week and a half ago), we met Misty's in-laws for lunch after church. Al, Elaine, Katie and her beau, Brandon.

Simple Things

When we were in Oklahoma, Carsyn got to play with Granny's stuff. A plastic cup. Edge of a table. We go all out for our baby!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Tony is gone to Vegas by way of Oklahoma. Friday night we packed up and headed north to my parents house.
Have I mentioned that Carsyn can sit up by herself now? A few days after her 6 month Birthday she was doing it.
Granny and PaPa T just adore Carsyn. She loves them too!
What a surprise, Aunt Misty was there waiting for us. Uncle Jeff was a little late. He was busy catching fish...WITH HIS BARE FEET. If you look close, you can see his bare foot and Carsyn is working really hard to see Jeff without having to roll over. Apparently it is much less work to throw your neck back then it is to move your entire body over. She likes to work smart, not hard.