Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mean Green

Whatcha lookin' at?
Carsyn is starting solids and we're experimenting. I know everyone has an opinion about the order of solids: fruit, veggies, yellow, red, green, purple. You get the idea. We started with apples, butternut squash, sweet potatoes. The we went for the GREEN. I tried zucchini. Wow that went over very badly. There was screaming and crying and banging of fists (gnashing of teeth. you get the idea). We tried green peas tonight. WAY better out come.
While Carsyn was playing with her sippy cup, I made peaches. Clearly multitasking went out the door when the baby came out. Does that blade Always have to go in first???


  1. Carsyn, you are doing so good eating your veggies. It's ok if you found a veggie you don't care for. You can eat the others. Crystal, you are doing a great job making Carsyn's food. It's OK. You will get it down as to when the blade goes in. It's difficult to do everything at once as you have to do with a little one.

  2. i was going to try zucchini this weekend. now i'm curious to see how he reacts. how have you been heating up the frozen stuff?

  3. that 1st pick is hilarious ~ she looks like a linebacker about to tackle her competition! gina