Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Carsyn in the Kitchen

Don’t we all just love to dance while we’re cookin’?!?

Monday, June 28, 2010


This is Karla. She babysat Carsyn for us this weekend.

P1040056 Karla is Tony’s boss’s daughter. How adorable is she? And so tiny. She loves playing with Carsyn and they have a good time together.

Bonus. Karla watched the World Cup in Spanish. Pretty sure Carsyn is bilingual now.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Busy Lady

 P1040058 I chased Carsyn around the house trying to get a picture of her with her purse. From the front.

P1040061 Took about 10 pictures and this is the only one with her face. She had a little time out for playing.


Then is was back to business.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Gage Anthony Jung

Saturday I drove my grandparents up to Oklahoma so they could meet Gage. I’m selfless like that. It was really important to me for them to see him while he was so new. It was kind of important for me to see him when he was so new too.P1040109 Look at how much this sweet boy loves his momma! Gage is weighing in at about 6lb 10oz. Can you remember when your baby was that little? Or last time you lugged a bag of potatos home.

P1040098 PapPaw Wade AKA great grandfather. He loves him some babies.

P1040103 Misty with PapPaw Wade and MamMaw Betty.

P1040104 Me. Aunt Crystal. There is a better picture of me on Misty’s camera. But seeing she only gets 4 hours a sleep a day, I decided not to bother her for it.

P1040106 Snug as a bug in a rug. Or as a glow worm in a giraffe.

P1040108I love this picture. MamMaw and PapPaw looking so adoringly at Gage.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


P1040053 If you know me, you know I hate groceries shopping. I also hate Walmart. But I forced myself to go on Monday. It was time. There was nothing to eat here.

P1040051 Like laundry, if I’ve managed to put forth all the effort to accomplish the task of buying food or washing clothes, the idea of putting it all away just puts me over the edge. So I boycotted. Didn’t do it. I told Carsyn she needed to do it. Told her to keep looking and there would be a prize in one of those bags for her.


Unfortunately for me, she found the prize too early. Man that girl loves carrots. As a laborer, she was worthless after finding those carrots. As a sweet baby girl, she couldn’t have been better.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father’s Day

P1040048 Tony got to spend Father’s Day with his dad out on the lake. Those crazy boys left at 6:30 in the morning to go fish. Please note that this photo was not taken at 6:30 in the morning. In fact, it wasn’t taken in the morning at all. This momma didn’t get up until 11:15. God love grandparents. They get up early and are actually pleased that you slept in so they can have that grandbaby all to their self.


Down on the Farm

We spent Saturday evening with Tony’s family in Gracemont. His mom’s sister and her husband were celebrating their 50th anniversary. The party was Saturday, on Carl and Donna’s 39th anniversary, but their actual 50th anniversary was Sunday. Ah, June Brides.

P1040012 Here is Carsyn chattin’ it up with her Aunt Charity and cousin Ben.

P1040015 Here is Carsyn after she spotted me. In the background is Aunt Katie’s granddaughter’s birthday celebration. It was a festive night. Get a load of those blue eyes. Love them!

P1040022 How sweet and reflective Carsyn looks. She really enjoyed being outside. Playing with rocks. Pretty sure she's staring at the John Deer Gator, wishing for a ride.

P1040025 Holy Moly, look who’s in charge. If that’s not a walk of confidence and determination, I don’t know what is. Look close and you’ll see a big silver tank of propane and behind that, cows. Told you we were on the farm. Aunt Siso’s house is so nice it’s hard to believe.

P1040035 Cousin Elisabeth was so sweet to play rocks with Carsyn. Don’t they both look so pretty in their pink dresses?


It was a great night celebrating 50 years of marriage. There was even chocolate cake. Doesn’t get better thanthat.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Parenthood is Hard

Gage is here! Gage is here!

Gage was born June 18, 2010 at 10:03 pm.


New daddy Jeff is describing what Gage looked liked.

P1030993 P1030997 Here is the crowd that made it through to the end. We’re all so happy to see Jeff happy and relaxed. P1030999Laughter. The tie that binds.

P1040002 It was some fish story.

P1040006 Aunt Crystal and Baby Gage. Despite all efforts to the contrary, I was tired.

P1040008 So proud Granny and PaPa T.


Carsyn finally made it to the party.

Now the true hardship of parenthood. What to do with your baby when you need to be some where else. Carsyn had 5 babysitters on Friday as we waited for Gage to come. So thankful to all of them!!

Giving Birth is Hard to Do

P1030966 Misty and Jeff checked into the hospital on Thursday afternoon about 4:30. Misty was a week over due and SOOO ready for baby Gage to arrive.


Things went really well for on on Thursday night. Well considering she was in labor and no one ever gets sleep in a hospital.

P1030982 Here is Nurse Judy. She was very knowledgeable and

P1030971This is where we spent our time. We meaning about 16-20 people.

P1030972 Some of the Jungs.

P1030973 Misty was just around the corner.

P1030975 Looking all peachy keene on Friday morning/early afternoon.

P1030977 She even had a super cool pregnant girl bed. See the baby bump. nice.

P1030980 Sweet little blue and white striped outfit that Gage wore for the first time.

Friday was a really long day for Misty and Jeff. Here is a short version. Misty’s water broke on it down early Friday morning. Yay!. She dilated to a 5 and got her epidural. Things were good. She was at an 8 around noon. Whoo Hoo! Then it took 4 hours to get to a 9. Almost everyone went to grab a quick supper and things went south. Misty started running a fever and was nauseas. Misty labored and labored forever. She was at a 9 and 90% effaced and just couldn’t some to get passed that point. More nurses. Family out of the room. Family out of the hallway. Doctor came. More work. Gage finally arrived at 10:03pm.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Diaper Cake

P1030951 I made a diaper cake. A sweet friend from church is having a baby this summer and I had the honor of being a hostess.

P1030956 When it was time to sign up for a part of the shower I signed up for a diaper cake. What? I’ve never made a diaper cake. But the stuff I usually sign up for were taken. List plates and utensils.

P1030957 You know I love google. So all my new diaper cake making skills came from there and Youtube. Turned out pretty good. Don’t ya think?


Of course I had a good helper. She’s always a good helper. Love her.

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Territory

P1030799 Tony got to spend the weekend playing in a Member/Guest tournament at the Territory. A really nice golf course near Duncan, OK.

P1030797 They have social events at night so the wives can come out too!


We had a great time hanging out together while Carsyn was with Granny and PaPa T. Thanks mom and dad!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hargrove Family Reunion

What’s a summer without a family reunion with lots of people that you don’t know or remember.P1030888

But family is important. So you go. P1030910You introduce yourself. You get out of it what you put into it. P1030931You bring your baby along and she knows no stranger. P1030903

P1030895She plays their games and asks them to hold her sippy cup. P1030923She laughs. They laugh. P1030935They sing. She sings. P1030912You ask questions. They ask questions. P1030909You remember you are family. You reconnect.