Thursday, June 24, 2010


P1040053 If you know me, you know I hate groceries shopping. I also hate Walmart. But I forced myself to go on Monday. It was time. There was nothing to eat here.

P1040051 Like laundry, if I’ve managed to put forth all the effort to accomplish the task of buying food or washing clothes, the idea of putting it all away just puts me over the edge. So I boycotted. Didn’t do it. I told Carsyn she needed to do it. Told her to keep looking and there would be a prize in one of those bags for her.


Unfortunately for me, she found the prize too early. Man that girl loves carrots. As a laborer, she was worthless after finding those carrots. As a sweet baby girl, she couldn’t have been better.


  1. I love her strategy for going through the bags! Super helpful!

  2. Carsyn you are such a super helper. Setting everything on the floor so you can find it before putting it away is a wonderful idea. :)

  3. Looks like Carsyn did a good job unpacking the groceries, but just like anyone else when she found the prize she was through with everything else. You are such a sweet girl! I love you!