Saturday, June 26, 2010

Gage Anthony Jung

Saturday I drove my grandparents up to Oklahoma so they could meet Gage. I’m selfless like that. It was really important to me for them to see him while he was so new. It was kind of important for me to see him when he was so new too.P1040109 Look at how much this sweet boy loves his momma! Gage is weighing in at about 6lb 10oz. Can you remember when your baby was that little? Or last time you lugged a bag of potatos home.

P1040098 PapPaw Wade AKA great grandfather. He loves him some babies.

P1040103 Misty with PapPaw Wade and MamMaw Betty.

P1040104 Me. Aunt Crystal. There is a better picture of me on Misty’s camera. But seeing she only gets 4 hours a sleep a day, I decided not to bother her for it.

P1040106 Snug as a bug in a rug. Or as a glow worm in a giraffe.

P1040108I love this picture. MamMaw and PapPaw looking so adoringly at Gage.

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