Sunday, May 29, 2011


Hooray! Gage came for a visit. He brought Granny and Misty too. P1070059Carsyn was so excited to share her highchair with Gagers. She just adores  him and prays for him every night.


P1070068 Gage is such a sweet boy and tried yogurt for the first time over the weekend. Success. We have a new yogurt fan.


P1070124 Carsyn really wanted to hold Gage. She tries to pick him up and this was our compromised. Hold him while he’s eating. That worked long enough for us to snap a picture and then Gage was over it.



Is this what your face looks like when you eat a lemon? Pretty sure mine doesn’t look nearly as cute as Gage man’s.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Carsyn is being so sweet and patient as we wait for the doctor. Last week she had a double ear infection and sore throat. She's not better. Baby girl needs some medicine!
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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hoop It Up!

Somebody got a new toy this weekend.

P1070055 And she’s getting pretty good at it.

She prefers to slam dunk.



Thursday, May 19, 2011

Band aids

Somebody's in love!
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Monday, May 9, 2011

To be remembered

Carsyn is saying the best things right now. I hate to forget them.


Here is a typical bath tub conversation. Carsyn has a plastic cup and spoon that she uses to ‘cook’ her water.

Carsyn: I’m cooking supper.

Me:What are making?

Carsyn: Lunch.

Me: What’s lunch taste like?

Carsyn: pizza



I’m concerned by the example Tony and I are setting. Please don’t judge.

During supper one night Carsyn asked for chips and salsa.

What can I say, we all like our Mexican food.



I was standing in the bathroom and could hear Carsyn calling out “Where’s Momma? Where Momma go?”. I hollered back that I was right here. She kept repeating “Where’s Momma?” So I walked out of the bedroom to find her standing in front of the full length mirror looking at herself. Talking. Repeating her “Where Momma go?” Too cute.

I couldn’t blamer her, I mean who doesn’t like to see how they look in the mirror saying their favorite thing. At least I assume it’s her favorite thing. She says it more than anything else. Momma. Momma. Momma. It’s her 7th grade version of ‘like’ or the unsure speaker’s ‘um’. She just says it to talk.

Mother’s Day weekend

We spent Mother’s Day weekend at the lake with Tony’s parents.

The lake is always relaxing. This time we even headed further north to see Carl and Donna’s new house. Very exciting that they’ve found a wonderful home in Tuttle. They have room to roam now.

Look at that sweet baby girl enjoying the space at MawMaw and PawPaw’s house.



They even have deer. Carsyn loves animals. She doesn’t discriminate.



I love this picture. It reminds me of summers Misty and I spent at MamMaw and Granddaddy’s house. You know, back when gas was cheap and we could do no wrong in our Granddaddy’s eyes. Misty and I would drive all around on Granddaddy’s lawnmower. I’m fairly sure Misty drove most of the time…not much different than when we were 15 and 16.



Beautiful home Reed’s! We look forward to visiting for years to come. Congratulations!