Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy 11 month Birthday!

Um, excuse me. I believe that is a little girl instead of my baby. Little girl, can you please scoot over so I can see my baby?

I can hardly breath typing this. 11 months. 11 months. With so many friends and family members pregnant, I recount the day Carsyn was born often. I remember everything so clearly. I remember the pain, the stress, the lack of sleep, the stitches, the invasion of privacy, the fear, the first cry. Oh my, that first cry. The world stopped. I took a deep breath, looked at Tony and said, that's our baby. The world stopped for that moment and it was just us. After that moment, the Earth started spinning at warp speed and hasn't slowed down. The ride has begun and there is no getting off. That's ok though. You are worth it all. Thank you for being our baby.


wear size 3 diapers and 12 month clothes.

are incredibly happy. Everyone says so.

have the pretties blues eyes, just like your daddy.

rock when it comes to sleeping! from 7 pm until I wake you up after 6 am. I also hear you take a 3 hour nap at daycare.

only gave kisses to daddy this past week when we saw everyone for Thanksgiving. You pretty much think he hung the moon.

are busy, and nosey, and persistent.

eat really really well. I don't think you know the word full.

say Dadda and Momma all the time. I'm actually beginning to believe you can tell us apart.

are an incredibly easy baby. Very content. You play well by yourself AND with others. That's nice.

hate getting your nose wiped or your finger nails trimmed. One day when you want me to pay for a mani/pedi I will remind you of this horror.

sing, clap, raise your hands give praise unto your Maker. When we listen to the Message in the car you like to chime in. It makes me happy.

are getting braver. I see you letting go and almost standing on your own.

walk behind your toy.
can climb the stairs.
can step on top of the bumpers in your crib. They are gone now.

Ok, so you're a little messy. I'll let it slide because you were at Granny's house. But next time Aunt Misty won't be there to pick up your books. You'll learn. I'll teach you.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


We had Tony's family down for Thanksgiving. I know I know. You're thinking "Wow, Crystal. You're a super mom. Just call you Martha (as in Martha Stewart, domestic goddess). How did you work all week, clean your house and cook Thanksgiving dinner for 15 people? And have an amazingly cute baby. You deserve a medal."
The only truth in that glowing statement of me,is that I have an incredibly cute baby. I mean how adorable is that turkey shirt.
Truth is:
Rosa and her daughter came and spent over 5 hours cleaning my house on Monday. Tony's parents came Monday night. Donna watched Carsyn and cooked all week. So the reality is, she is the domestic goddess.

Basically I'm more of a loser because this is the only other good picture I got. Here is Tony's sister, Charity, and her new husband Chris.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Carsyn is really looking forward to spending more time with MawMaw at the lake house. Momma is really looking forward to sleeping in while Carsyn spends time with MawMaw. Thanks for the extra 1 1/2 hours of sleep this morning!!

OU Game

This was back in the day when we won. (last weekend). It was Tony's birthday and we got tickets to the A&M game.

Tony and his buddy Scott.

Me and Misty.

The A&M band is so amazing. Pictures don't do it justice. Even if they are slightly cultish.

Boo Boo

Look at her check. Don't worry. It's faint. But there is a little bruise. Carsyn fell at daycare. No ones fault. She's just wobbly. It's a sign of things to come.
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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Toast Please

Carsyn has begun eating some 'table food'. Little pieces of bread, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese. Mostly because I tried those Gerber Graduates and those things are so gross. She ate them, but I couldn't stand them. Up until then/now, I had eaten everything she ate.

Mostly to satisfy my own curiosity, I have Carsyn a piece of toast at Golden Corral on Saturday. Half a piece. She couldn't get her hands on it fast enough. She really really tried hard to get the entire thing in her mouth. Needless to say, I took it back. All of it. She hadn't managed to get one little bite. I'm sparing you the yuckiness that followed. Then I gave her little pieces of the other half.
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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This Boat was Made for Water

Daddy loving on his baby girl. He's pretty thrilled about the whole thing. Boat and Baby.

Making waves at the Lake of the Arbuckles.

MawMaw holding on tight to Carsyn.

How cute his her Dora life jacket??? It's a smidgen big, but it'll be perfect by this summer.

O Captain my Captain.

Our friend Brett rode up with us to help get the boat all situated He's really good with Carsyn.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Tony's mom and dad bought Carsyn a little bubble maker. She kept her distance.

Here she is, rather bored. In fact, she's acting like those bubbles don't exist. That new cup is WAY more interesting.

OK, wait. What is this? Maybe life's not all about this cup. I mean, it just has water in it anyway.

Oooo, maybe I like these bubbles. Let me try. I need to touch it, maybe taste it.

OK, I'm serious now. I need to get to the bottom of this bubble thing.

Sorry, I don't have a good pic after this. I was on 'don't eat the soapy water' mommy mode.

Baby's Got a New Boat

I know you're asking which baby. Well...both. Tony is living his dream. Has a nice Tahoe and a boat to pull behind it. A beautiful wife and a sweet baby girl. Don't you love that Carsyn is color coordinated with her new toy!
Tony got up very early on Saturday and headed to Houston to buy this boat. Don't worry, he made it back home in time for the OU game.

I think she likes it!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Love Bug

Here is Carsyn Thursday morning on her way to Ms. Brandy's house. The pics aren't the best, but she was too cute. It's kind of hard to see, but her shirt says 'Love Bug'.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Random Cutiness

Because I know you can't get enough....

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween continued

Here are a few more pic from Halloween. Here is our hostess, Julie and Lincoln. This is Carsyn's daycare buddy.

Next to Julie is Catherine with Cason and then Michelle with Jack. This was the first Halloween for all of us with our new babies.

It was clearly a HUGE photo op. You might notice that I completely abandoned Carsyn in order to get this pic. She's ok. The street is further away than it looks.

Look at Carsyn posing with her first horse. She wasn't scared. She even petted it.

Little People

Here is Carsyn playing with her, new to her, garage sale find Little People toy. This one is a Zoo. I think she likes it!!