Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Baby's Got a New Boat

I know you're asking which baby. Well...both. Tony is living his dream. Has a nice Tahoe and a boat to pull behind it. A beautiful wife and a sweet baby girl. Don't you love that Carsyn is color coordinated with her new toy!
Tony got up very early on Saturday and headed to Houston to buy this boat. Don't worry, he made it back home in time for the OU game.

I think she likes it!


  1. I like your new boat, Carsyn and how you dress to color coordinate with it. I think you liked the ride in it, too. Thanks for letting me ride in it with yoiu. It was fun!! I love you!

  2. Love the boat! Now you just need an awesome lake house and some friends to go with you there. oh wait, i've got the friends covered. i'll even help you decorate your lake house. HOpe we can ride in it someday!!!