Sunday, November 29, 2009


We had Tony's family down for Thanksgiving. I know I know. You're thinking "Wow, Crystal. You're a super mom. Just call you Martha (as in Martha Stewart, domestic goddess). How did you work all week, clean your house and cook Thanksgiving dinner for 15 people? And have an amazingly cute baby. You deserve a medal."
The only truth in that glowing statement of me,is that I have an incredibly cute baby. I mean how adorable is that turkey shirt.
Truth is:
Rosa and her daughter came and spent over 5 hours cleaning my house on Monday. Tony's parents came Monday night. Donna watched Carsyn and cooked all week. So the reality is, she is the domestic goddess.

Basically I'm more of a loser because this is the only other good picture I got. Here is Tony's sister, Charity, and her new husband Chris.

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  1. I think you deserve a metal... and a domestic goddess award!