Thursday, June 30, 2011


Cason got to come over and play with us tonight. He is just the sweetest boy and Carsyn and he get along so well together. Very minimal fussing.

Here they are having a chat over some yogurt. He has Cars and she has Cinderella.  P1070562

Cason’s momma has emergency gallbladder surgery and needed a baby break. So happy I could help out. Catherine is usually always the one helping me out with Carsyn. His Dad, Mike, was at church camp.


They played a little b-ball. See Cason clapping. They were both so encouraging and excited for the other. There was a little time in the tunnel and they even took turns driving the car. Lots of playing, little eating. It’s how they keep their figures looking so good.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Night on the Town


Tony took me out to a really nice steakhouse, Charlie Palmer, in The District on Saturday night. We took the metro in and walked passed the Capitol and even watched a little of a kickball game. That the great thing about the Mall that spans the Capitol to the Washington Monument, plenty of grass for kickball.


What’s this picture? you ask. It’s two valet guys, one cabbie and one bartender trying to get Tony’s wedding ring out of the sewer.


Yup. That shinny round thing is his wedding ring. The symbol of our union. The representation of our love.


OK. That’s a little dramatic, but you get the idea. Tony was fiddling with it, dropped it, it bounced and then rolled into the underground tunnel. – come to find out later it was a high voltage something.


High voltage – which brings me to our next action shot. Metal sticks. Good idea if you’re trying to fish out a ring in a dark whole. Bad idea if there is high voltage surrounding the ring. Fortunately no valets or restaurant managers were injured in the making of this debacle.


How did I feel about the whole thing? Shocked. A little irritated. Both of those combined with no less than 7 people trying to get this ring out and a dozen nosey pedestrians = hysterical laughing. What else can you do? It was funny at this point.

P1070525 But who has time to sit in front of the restaurant and laugh when you have a play to see.


Tony and I left the ring and took a cab to the Kennedy Center. We saw the play Sheer Madness. It’s a comedy Whodunit and the audience helps solve the crime. Recommended.

(ps. I did not take the picture. I stole it off google images.)



I did take this picture. So pretty. Sunset on the Potomac.P1070529


Tony and I had the best weekend. P1070531


A little mini vacation. Time alone. We didn’t have to pay a babysitter. We got to sleep in the next morning. Perfection. P1070534

Thanks for planning a wonderful evening Tony!!!


PS…the city workers came out Monday and recovered the ring. After the power was turned off.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Day in DC

Hooray! I got to go see Tony in DC. Thanks MawMaw and PawPaw for watching Carsyn! I flew in on Thursday night and Tony still had to work on Friday. No worries. I really enjoy The District (as Tony and the locals like to call it) so I was thrilled to have a day by myself to explore.

My first stop was Tony’s temporary office in L’Enfant Plaza.


Tony working hard, not facing the window.



View out the window – Yes that’s the Washington Monument. I guess if you’ve been in The District long enough, you don’t have to turn your desk around to check out the view.


  What’d I do while Tony was at work? I walked to the Mall. Cut through the Smithsonian Castle.P1070475

Taking a few solo shots.





There that pesky monument again. It’s every where you look.



Up next the National Archives. A little Genealogy research. I’m a geek like that. I fully intended to eat lunch downstairs, but ended up leaving and going to Potbelly. Good choice.P1070481


After lunch I headed to the Museum of Natural History. Got to check out the Hope diamond. P1070487 

Me and 25 of my closest friends. Crowded!


That thing was huge!



Up next the Old Post Office Pavilion. Seemed fitting. Tony works for the Post Office. This building is where the first Post Office was in DC. See where I’m going with that.



It’s a good place to get a 360 view of The District. Little hard to tell, but that’s the Capitol behind me. Pennsylvania Ave. The road from the White House to the Capitol. The bottom left hand corner is the FBI building.



Seriously. That monument won’t go away. ;-)P1070496

I was done after this. Tired feet needed to head back to the Metro before it got crowded with all those government workers.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Why I heart Chick-fil-a

Seriously, what's not to love about this place? Great food. Obviously. But it's the little perks that really set it apart. Christian company that's not trying to hide it.
But let's get down to it. Where the rubber meets the road. The bathroom. There is lotion. Mouthwash. Soap OR antibacterial gel. Your choice. And that we tried potty training...a step stool for my short legged baby. If I wasn't sold on a playground, fresh flowers on the table, chick-fil-a sauce and free kids meals on Tuesday nights, this step stool sealed the deal.
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Water Park


Lawton has a water park that is perfect for little kids. Carsyn LOVES it. There are special slides for the younger kids. Carsyn has no fear. (And no time to stop and take pictures.) I remember coming here in junior high and not feeling sure about going down the big slides. I’m glad she is so confident and doesn’t have that hesitation. I’m also thankful that she wears her puddle jumpers the whole time too. Takes a lot of pressure off this momma.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Party Prep

Gagers had his first birthday this weekend. One years old!! It was a pool party in Granny and Papa T’s backyard. Good news is Carsyn was up bright and early to get the prep work started.  P1070324First was the pool. Carsyn dug right in and started supervising the filling of the pool


P1070327 What a pretty little worker bee. She owned that water hose.


P1070331 A good supervisor knows when the situation is under control and it’s time to move on. As you can see she wasn’t afraid to really see the job through, even if that meant she got a little wet.




Finally. Enjoying the fruits of her labor. A small diaper change and drink later, Carsyn was ready to relax. For about 5 seconds. Then momma had to relax, then Carsyn, then momma, then Carsyn…

Sunday, June 19, 2011

It’s a Party

Gage is ONE and we’re excited! Carsyn was so excited that as soon as we walked in the door from the water park she was looking for his presents. She really needed him to open them up.

P1070340 P1070347 P1070359

Carsyn was even kind enough to help break the toys in for Gagers. Some bubbles, cool building blocks and some fun letters for the bathtub.


Gage, the Birthday Boy! Gagers loves him some balloons.


Everyone loved the balloons. Quite the hit will all the kiddos. P1070397P1070392

We moved the party outside to let the kids play in the water. Watch out for that Shark! No worries. It’s just Gage. How cute is his little swim outfit.


Gage is attacking the wrapping with his mouth. His plan was to eat the paper away.  P1070402 

The Happy Jung Family.

Somebody loves his momma and daddy! Gage got a little guitar so he can rock out with his dad and uncle Brent.


Carsyn is trying to give Roslynn a high five. We’re working on how to treat our friends. Give hugs, kisses and high fives are all good options. Way to be a good friend Carsyn.



What’s a party without cake, cupcakes that is. Yummy!P1070433

Way to go Misty. The party was great and everyone had a great time!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Momma, come in the kennel with me.



How could I resist? We read a book in the ‘kennel’ or tunnel. You know. Whatever works.


Sweet girl’s imagination is starting to come alive!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Potty Training

So, we’re on the potty training train. It’s not my favorite. It’s time. Carsyn is ready. But she is also stubbornly independent and in a ME DO IT stage. Clearly that lines right up with potty training. IF she wants to do it. And for the most part she’s on board the potty train. But when the mood changes to ‘I na like it’, then I’m riding the train by myself.


We’re using a chart and sticker method. Considering switching to an M&M reward method. At least I’d get excited about that.

Shorts are no longer necessary. Boots on the other hand are still fashionable. In Texas. In June. In 100 degree weather. Some people are just slaves to fashion.



Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Horse is a Horse of course of course


So. Here’s the deal. Carsyn likes animals. In the ‘I want to kiss you puppy’ kind of way.

Jerrye has a dog. But he chases Carsyn so Dexter is not her favorite. Sunday evening as we were packing up to leave, she spotted the horse.

P1070277Leaves me standing by the Callie car, scrambling for my camera, walks over to the corral to have a chat.





 P1070282 They had their moment and she walked away saying bye horse and waved. So polite.


Jerrye came and lifted her up to pet the horse. Not scared. Very friendly.



Whoa buddy. Getting a little close now. Carsyn likes to be the one that makes the moves. She’s bossy that way.