Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Day in DC

Hooray! I got to go see Tony in DC. Thanks MawMaw and PawPaw for watching Carsyn! I flew in on Thursday night and Tony still had to work on Friday. No worries. I really enjoy The District (as Tony and the locals like to call it) so I was thrilled to have a day by myself to explore.

My first stop was Tony’s temporary office in L’Enfant Plaza.


Tony working hard, not facing the window.



View out the window – Yes that’s the Washington Monument. I guess if you’ve been in The District long enough, you don’t have to turn your desk around to check out the view.


  What’d I do while Tony was at work? I walked to the Mall. Cut through the Smithsonian Castle.P1070475

Taking a few solo shots.





There that pesky monument again. It’s every where you look.



Up next the National Archives. A little Genealogy research. I’m a geek like that. I fully intended to eat lunch downstairs, but ended up leaving and going to Potbelly. Good choice.P1070481


After lunch I headed to the Museum of Natural History. Got to check out the Hope diamond. P1070487 

Me and 25 of my closest friends. Crowded!


That thing was huge!



Up next the Old Post Office Pavilion. Seemed fitting. Tony works for the Post Office. This building is where the first Post Office was in DC. See where I’m going with that.



It’s a good place to get a 360 view of The District. Little hard to tell, but that’s the Capitol behind me. Pennsylvania Ave. The road from the White House to the Capitol. The bottom left hand corner is the FBI building.



Seriously. That monument won’t go away. ;-)P1070496

I was done after this. Tired feet needed to head back to the Metro before it got crowded with all those government workers.

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