Monday, June 6, 2011

Down on the Farm

Growing up Uncle Jerrye was the best uncle. In just one afternoon we broke into our own house and almost caught the kitchen on fire. Great memories. He doesn’t disappoint now either.


P1070241 Carsyn and I dropped Tony off at the airport and then headed north. The drive to Wichita Falls had a dull purpose. 1. Get Carsyn to my parents. 2. Highlights for momma. Carsyn is spending the week at my parent’s house. I still have a few late nights ahead of me for work and it was VBS at my parents church. Good timing.


P1070246 While I was getting my hair done, Uncle Jerrye inflated a 9 foot water slide. Of course he did. Because that’s a fun toy and he just happens to have fun toys on hand. I think Carsyn was a little too tired to fully enjoy it. She was concerned about all the grass in the water. She kept calling them bugs. We’ll have to come back and try again.


P1070250 Next up…watering.



P1070260 Totally makes me think of summers at my MamMaw and Granddaddy’s house. I’m so happy for Carsyn to be making the same memories.


P1070262  Done with the 9 foot water slide? Over watering the plants? Let’s see what else Uncle Jerrye has. A Mickey Mouse sprinker. Sweet.


P1070266 Mickey looked sweet. Now he’s just spraying me with water. I’m outta here.



Finally. The best water experience. A water gun. Now she controls where the water goes and who gets wet.


Thanks for such a fantastic time Barby and Jerrye!

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  1. Carsyn it is so fun watching you play in the water. I'm glad you had fun at Uncle Jerrye's.