Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Baby!!

I'm having a hard time writing this post. This day is so monumental, I want to say something profound. The reality is, I'm in love. I'm in love with you Carsyn and I love your Daddy even more because of you. And Love makes you stupid some times and I can't think of anything great to write.

This time a year ago I was in recovery and you and your Daddy were probably in the nursery. You weighed 6 lb 14 oz and my hands were so swollen I could barely bend them. Thankfully your Daddy is hands on. He changed your diapers for the first 48 hours. You were wearing itsy bitsty Newborn diapers and yesterday I just bought size 4 for the first time. Technically you can still fit the size 3, but they were getting a little snug.

You now have an extra tooth on top for a total of 3 on top and 4 on bottom.
You've totally switched to whole milk.
You are funny. You enjoy peek-a-boo. Some times you just laugh out loud. I'm sure one day you'll tell me and Daddy the story.
You have the sweetest little belly.
You are still timid with the whole walking thing. It will come.

Carsyn. This last year has flown by. I hope some day you will read this blog and enjoy it. That you will appreciate our daily life and know that your Daddy and I love you so much!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009 Blizzard

Here is the view form our Tahoe driving north to Oklahoma on Christmas day.

What should have taken 2 hours 45 minutes tops, took us almost 6 1/2 hours. With a 1 year old. Thank the Lord she slept most of the way.

The roads in Texas were horrible. No exaggeration, we probably saw over 100 cars/trucks/semi on the side of the road between Bowie and the river.

It was a LONG day. Notice the sun is setting?

Here is the Red River. It divides Oklahoma and Texas. We were so thankful to be at my parents house safely.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Spring Cleaning in December

Here is the Maytag W/D Tony and I got a little before we were married. Tony moved into our house in May 2003. So we've had these about 6 1/2 years. They've been good to us, but the dryer has been giving us fits about starting.
So we sold them on Craigslist. Nuts. No W/D. What will I do with all my spare time????
Create a spreadsheet that compares 4 local stores front loader W/D sets. Then head to Best Buy for a price match. I love a bargain and I believe that's what we got!
This set is fancy! My new favorite feature. Sanitize. Gotta clean all those sick yucky germy baby girl can't live without blankets.

Here is my little helper. She's just as fascinated by our new appliances as I am.

Yes, she's still sicky. Praying she'll be well tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Yucky Eye

Poor Baby Girl has Yucky Eyes. My friend Julie was watching her on Tuesday and called me about 1 and said Carsyn's eyes were matted shut after her nap.

So I went to pick Carsyn up and called the doctor. They called in some eye drops to the pharmacy.

Now, after 3 doses of eye drops, she looks LOTS better. Her eyes are still red and puffy, but barely any gunk.
She's been very clingy and tired. But overall, she's been a good baby, as usual.
Not to pat myself on the back or anything, but this is the first time Carsyn has had to get a prescription. She wasn't even in the system at the pharmacy. I contribute that to breastfeeding and a small daycare. I just pray she continues to stay healthy!

Hello Up There

Does that look high to you? Up there are the very top. Well, actually two steps from the top.

It doesn't look high to Carsyn. Nope. She climbed up the stairs last night. Went to change clothes when I got home from work, left her to play in the living room. Crawled from the living room all the way up the stairs.

Yup, it was terrifying. She was laughing and my heart was in the throat. Forgive me for the lack of baby in the picture. We're trying to discourage the stair climbing and I didn't think it was wise to put her back on the stairs to get a pic.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Prepare to be Impressed

Look what I made.

It's turkey. Yup. Turkey. We bought one too many turkeys for Thanksgiving and I hated to see it go to waste. Tony and I (mostly Tony) are trying to eat better. Eating better does not include frying a turkey.

So here I come with my big crock pot and chick broth.
I know I know. You're wondering what the impressive part is. Crockpot=easy.

I SKINNED THAT TURKEY. What?!? Oh yes I did. It was gross!!! So much, I don't even want to talk about it anymore. But to be healthy, I put on my big girl mommy pants and made that turkey healthy! Carsyn watched from her highchair while eating Peas and Puffs.

Tonight she got to enjoy the fruits of our labor.
It was a hit. But Daddy's home and who cares about food now.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I'm an Idiot

I'm not being too hard on myself. I really should have seen this coming. How long can you use the 'I'm a busy working full time mom' excuse?
Last night Carsyn had left over Thanksgiving food like the rest of us. I warmed up mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes. Those things get hot fast in the microwave.

Carsyn gets hungry fast too. She goes from 0-60 in about 6 seconds. Heaven forbid you bring a bowl of hot potatoes over to her high chair with a spoon and not shovel it in. So I'm sitting there with some potatoes on the spoon and blowing on them. The purpose was two fold. 1. to cool the food. 2. to entertain her by blowing in her face. She likes it.

This process went well for a few bites. All right. Things are looking good. I've got this mom thing under control. I know you experienced moms out there know where this is going. I blew a few too many times. Too many because Carsyn got the idea that it was fun. But she had to one up me. She had to blow with food in her mouth. Yup. She. blew. mashed. potatoes. in. my. face.

Nothing else to do but laugh. Love that baby!