Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I'm an Idiot

I'm not being too hard on myself. I really should have seen this coming. How long can you use the 'I'm a busy working full time mom' excuse?
Last night Carsyn had left over Thanksgiving food like the rest of us. I warmed up mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes. Those things get hot fast in the microwave.

Carsyn gets hungry fast too. She goes from 0-60 in about 6 seconds. Heaven forbid you bring a bowl of hot potatoes over to her high chair with a spoon and not shovel it in. So I'm sitting there with some potatoes on the spoon and blowing on them. The purpose was two fold. 1. to cool the food. 2. to entertain her by blowing in her face. She likes it.

This process went well for a few bites. All right. Things are looking good. I've got this mom thing under control. I know you experienced moms out there know where this is going. I blew a few too many times. Too many because Carsyn got the idea that it was fun. But she had to one up me. She had to blow with food in her mouth. Yup. She. blew. mashed. potatoes. in. my. face.

Nothing else to do but laugh. Love that baby!


  1. It seems that now that blowing is accomplished, juggling must be next! Good job Crystal teaching Carsyn those important skill sets.

  2. What can anyone say? Carsyn is just a fast learner!!!! Crystal, I'm glad you could laugh about it.