Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hello Up There

Does that look high to you? Up there are the very top. Well, actually two steps from the top.

It doesn't look high to Carsyn. Nope. She climbed up the stairs last night. Went to change clothes when I got home from work, left her to play in the living room. Crawled from the living room all the way up the stairs.

Yup, it was terrifying. She was laughing and my heart was in the throat. Forgive me for the lack of baby in the picture. We're trying to discourage the stair climbing and I didn't think it was wise to put her back on the stairs to get a pic.


  1. Can imagine how you felt. Carsyn likes to explore. Wondering who will have a gate at the bottom of the stairs when we get there for Christmas? I'm sure Carsyn was very proud of herself and was having a lot of fun! It's amazing how fast they can get somewhere, especially places parents and grandparents are not ready for them to explore. Just another milestone in Carsyn's life. We love you all.

  2. My heart skipped a beat just thinking about Carsyn up to high, so fast. But now I'm wishing I could have been there to see her go and listen to her laugh about it. I'll always remember that Carsyn had that great adventure on my birthday! Looking forward to see you this weekend! Love ya.