Monday, October 31, 2011


We had a party at Mike and Catherine’s on Friday night. Trunk or Treat at church Sunday and then candy giving on Monday.

 P1080251Carsyn played with the sand table for an hour. Who knew?


P1080264Carsyn and her buddy Cason. They like each other. P1080272Carsyn and momma riding the train at church. P1080275She had a good time!

P1080284We didn’t take Carsyn door to door. She has the BEST time handing out candy to the trick-or-treaters on Monday. She watched for them out the window and would jump up and down and run around when they came. She was very generous and spoke with the kids. Saying she liked their costume or asking what their costume was. After a little coaching from Dad she gave out handfuls of candy.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Church Park

Saturday morning Carsyn and I headed out to meet our friends Catherine and Cason at the park. We ended up at the church’s play ground. Carsyn thought that was super cool.

P1080178 The were both wearing green shirts. It’s hard to see Cason, but he’s up in the tower in the top left corner of the picture. Carsyn is telling him he is super tall!


P1080172I pretty much did a horrible job taking pictures. Catherine and needed to just hang out and talk and that was the BEST part about the church playground. It’s enclosed and there were no other kids. So we just let our do whatever.


P1080173 This cracked me up. They both played with the tetherballs, but just not with each other. Which is probably good. Carsyn fell and hurt her knee on the blue base and Cason’s ball hit him in the head. Can you imagine if they were both trying to hit the same ball?!?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

And the Rangers Win the Pennant!


And we were there! It was an awesome game. The first two innings were a little intense, so I left. Found me a table and a chopped brisket sandwich. Preggers girl was happy.


Then the 3rd inning came and it was a party from there on out. A stranger high-fiving, towel waving, fans cheering, good time.



We won! We won!


Who doesn’t love OU-Texas Weekend?

It was a pleasure to go again this year. P1080159 We took the TRE and it worked well this time.


Ah, the State Fair. We ate Cuba sandwiches for brunch. Around 9:30. Super yummy. While they weren’t fried bubble gum, they did the trick.


So glad Misty could come with us this year. She and I have been to several games together, but this is the first year Misty, Tony and I all sat together!


Speaking of sitting together. This is where not a lot of that happened ;-) We technically were on the 50, but got pushed down by some OU frat boys. Our sideline didn’t have the perfect line down the middle,but you definitely get the idea of the intense split.


P1080162 This about sums it up. Texas was 4th and 49. Ouch.

Boomer Sooner! Beat Texas!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Hold Your Breath

I’m saying this with fear and trepidation. Carsyn might actually be potty trained.  Whew. There it is. Out there. In print.

After 4 months and some intense few days and then me practically ignoring the whole thing, I think we’re there.

It boils down to me being sick of the pull ups and believing they were a crutch for her. I told Brandy we were going to be intense and deliberate this weekend so she got on board early. Carsyn started wearing panties on Wednesday afternoon and hasn’t looked back.

She let’s us know when she has to go so we can provide moral support and assistance. If you ask her throughout the day if she needs to go (my attempt at gentle reminders) and if she doesn't, she’ll reply “no, thank you”. Which is admittedly better than her saying, “I got this. Back off lady.”P1080095 Here a random not potty related pic. She’s cute and you should see her.

In full disclosure because I hate moms that say their kid is potty trained at 18 months and make me feel bad…she is wearing a pull up for naps and night time. I think we can drop it for naps after this week. She has woken up dry every time.

Hooray for big girls!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kick Ball

MawMaw bought Carsyn a ball while we were at the OU game a few weeks ago.P1080132 She really enjoyed kicking it around.

P1080134 Excuse the fuzziness. I’m not great at action shots. Good job Carsyn!

P1080138 Carsyn liked playing with Daddy best.

P1080143 Daddy enjoyed kicking the ball around too. Carsyn bit it once.

P1080145 Just gotta pick yourself up (or let your Daddy do it), dust yourself off and get back up.


P1080147 Sweet girl!


P1080151 Time to relax with MawMaw on the back porch.


Carsyn learned about the plague of frogs in Sunday School. How awesome is it that God put two baby frogs on MawMaw and PawPaw’s back porch for us to look at.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Carsyn’s Baby

Piggy-backing on yesterday’s post, I’d also like to announce Carsyn’s Baby.

It should come as no surprise to you Early Childhood scholars or you parentsX2,3,etc. that Carsyn has found her own way to handle the news of a new baby at our house…she got her own.

She has started blaming her baby for everything. “my baby spilled my water”. “my baby needs her blankie”. “my baby hit me with her spoon”. “tell her no! she needs to go to timeout”.

At first I thought it was an imaginary friend that she calls baby (she doesn’t name anything. all her dolls are baby). But then she offered up all on her own that her baby’s name was Joma. It’s a made up name. We don’t actually know anyone called Joma. This isn’t the first time for the name Joma to pop up. Mom and Brandy both recognized it.

If you ask her where Joma is, she’ll pat her chest and say her tummy. Some times she says her baby’s name is Karla. Not sure if she’s a two name girl or if Carsyn is having twins.

This is quite the memory and I love Carsyn’s imagination.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Baby Reed!!! Coming to a hospital near you on April 6th (ish. around then. could be the week before. NOT on April 1st. Maybe we’ll wait until April 12th – after the Masters. I’ll just keep you posted)

I almost titled this post Try Try Again, but that seemed like TMI. Admittedly the March miscarriage had me a little apprehensive about another baby. Yes I wanted one, but the timing was the issue. I just didn’t want to be pregnant and risk it again. Finally Tony said it was time.

I’ll be 14 weeks on Friday and free and clear of the 1st trimester. I have been sick and very tired. Most of August consisted of me laying on the couch and Carsyn asking if my tummy felt better. Followed by her telling me I felt better and to get up momma! Sweet kid.

We have had two ultrasounds and feel confident there is a happy healthy baby growing.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Happy Anniversary!


Tony and I have been married for 8 years. We started dating in January 2000 and have been together ever since. We met before that. Since this blog is a memory book … let’s walk down that lane.

Like most tales, there are two sides. We don’t even agree on when we first met. Of course I am right and he just doesn’t remember. I was in high school when we met for the very first time. It was at his house (a pink house across from an elementary school that my mom first taught at…small world). There were a bunch of BSU (Baptist Student Union) people going to play games and hang out and I tagged along with Misty. She’s nice like that. Misty and Tony were friends first and she introduced us that night. He has zero recall. Clearly I made an impression.

Fast forward several months to August 1999. My freshman year in college. Again, Misty was nice and we’d meet at the BSU and then drive to lunch almost every day. Tony happened to be there one day and Misty asked if he’d like to go with us. He declined claiming to have already eaten. This is the part that gets dicey. I’m ready to tell it. Because we’ve been married for 8 years and I feel secure in that. Also because if you want a story told right, you have to tell it yourself. Perhaps I was bold because Misty was there. Perhaps I was innocent, but I encouraged Tony by saying “You look like the kind of guy who could eat again.” Right there in front of a lot of people that I didn’t know. Did you hear it? The silence and then the laughter from all his friends. This little girl just told a fat joke.

No matter, it worked. Tony came with us. In fact he gave me his backpack that day.

This time I made an impression.