Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kick Ball

MawMaw bought Carsyn a ball while we were at the OU game a few weeks ago.P1080132 She really enjoyed kicking it around.

P1080134 Excuse the fuzziness. I’m not great at action shots. Good job Carsyn!

P1080138 Carsyn liked playing with Daddy best.

P1080143 Daddy enjoyed kicking the ball around too. Carsyn bit it once.

P1080145 Just gotta pick yourself up (or let your Daddy do it), dust yourself off and get back up.


P1080147 Sweet girl!


P1080151 Time to relax with MawMaw on the back porch.


Carsyn learned about the plague of frogs in Sunday School. How awesome is it that God put two baby frogs on MawMaw and PawPaw’s back porch for us to look at.


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