Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Who doesn’t love OU-Texas Weekend?

It was a pleasure to go again this year. P1080159 We took the TRE and it worked well this time.


Ah, the State Fair. We ate Cuba sandwiches for brunch. Around 9:30. Super yummy. While they weren’t fried bubble gum, they did the trick.


So glad Misty could come with us this year. She and I have been to several games together, but this is the first year Misty, Tony and I all sat together!


Speaking of sitting together. This is where not a lot of that happened ;-) We technically were on the 50, but got pushed down by some OU frat boys. Our sideline didn’t have the perfect line down the middle,but you definitely get the idea of the intense split.


P1080162 This about sums it up. Texas was 4th and 49. Ouch.

Boomer Sooner! Beat Texas!

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