Thursday, October 20, 2011

Church Park

Saturday morning Carsyn and I headed out to meet our friends Catherine and Cason at the park. We ended up at the church’s play ground. Carsyn thought that was super cool.

P1080178 The were both wearing green shirts. It’s hard to see Cason, but he’s up in the tower in the top left corner of the picture. Carsyn is telling him he is super tall!


P1080172I pretty much did a horrible job taking pictures. Catherine and needed to just hang out and talk and that was the BEST part about the church playground. It’s enclosed and there were no other kids. So we just let our do whatever.


P1080173 This cracked me up. They both played with the tetherballs, but just not with each other. Which is probably good. Carsyn fell and hurt her knee on the blue base and Cason’s ball hit him in the head. Can you imagine if they were both trying to hit the same ball?!?

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