Monday, May 31, 2010

Morning Exercises

Even though we were at the lake, Carsyn insisted that we still stay physically fit and keep a runtime. So she still did her morning exercises.





Leg Lifts




Pull Ups


Finally, Nosey Neighbor.


Saturday, May 29, 2010


P1030776Holy Cow. This was amazing! Misty and Jeff got a 4D sonogram of baby Gage and Carsyn and I had the privilege to attend. P1030779 So did Granny, Papa T, Grandma, Jeff’s mom and dad, and future Aunt Katie.

P1030780 Sorry for the grainy pics. I took these in the dark and didn’t want to use the flash.

Here is a better shot after the real work was over. We were just watching reruns then.P1030787

Here he is world. Gage Jung! He’s smiling at me.


Carsyn needed to help. She loves her Aunt Misty and needed to be up on the table with her. Vary awed by what was happening.


Here is Carsyn enjoying looking at pictures of Gage.P1030788


Thanks for letting us share the experience!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Inquiring Minds

No doubt that my life is rather mundane and comparable to most other working moms. The reality is, a select few people actually read my blog. So, in an attempt to keep my readers informed of a few important detail, I have an announcement to make…




Winner Winner Chick Dinner.


Carsyn and I had roasted chicken, cantaloupe, French bread, carrots, sugar snap peas and broccoli for dinner last night. It all came from Walmart.

Travel to Oklahoma

On the road again…

P1030773We’ve been going to Oklahoma a lot lately. For several various reason. This last trip we took a different road. We stopped right across the river in Terral for a pit stop.


It has that home gown, small town feel about it. Simple. Unpretentious.



“Pump Reads Right from other Side. thanks” Friendly folk.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Tony was out of town last night and Carsyn and I ate Sonic. All my principles and moral high ground of organics and make-your-own-baby food goes out the window when I’m playing single mom. Baby girl ate half an adult burger. She had lettuce tomato and pickles on hers. Then she had water and hormone free milk. I haven’t slipped too far down.

Then tonight she had CHICK-FIL-A. I’m not going to lie. I’m so proud that she like her fruit cup and nuggets. Then here is the exciting part. If you’re going to throw your principles out the window, go all the way. Don’t be bashful. Carsyn drank from a straw and tasted Chick-fil-a Lemonade for the first time. Compared to that crummy ol’ milk from McAlester’s, Chick-fil-a Lemonade is like sweet nectar. Who wouldn’t learn how to drink from a straw for that stuff.  Once she sucked the cup dry, she proceeded to take the straw out of the cup and try to drink straight from the lid. Clearly there was something wrong with that new fangled straw and she needed to get straight to the source. When that didn’t turn up any results, she put the straw back in cup threw the lid. I had to help her the first few times and then she did it herself. a lot. Sitting in the bathroom floor. Wrapped up in a towel. Do you see what I’m talking about? This Lemonade is powerful. When I first started working a Fresenius. The 12-15 hour days, working weekends. The only thing that lifted employee moral was that Lemonade.  So if you haven’t tried it, go get ya some!


I’m sorry I don’t have any pictures to share. Did I mention I was a single mom who works full time, commutes 45-hour one way to and from work, and has two dumb dogs that won’t stop barking or stay in the backyard?

Monday, May 24, 2010


I love this. Never want it to stop.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bow Bow

As if one bow wasn't enough, I stuck another one in her hair for laughs.



P1030764 Just call her super model.

Friday, May 21, 2010

More family Pics

Nice title huh? Sorry.

P1030751 It appears as though Carsyn has seen that video before. She seems more interested in something else.

P1030738 Maybe she was thinking about standing on her head.

P1030742 Or kicking back and relaxing.

P1030747 Sweet Stormie Mae. In case you’re wondering, this is how that bouncy seat should be used. By a newborn. Not a 17 month old too funny to sit on the ground.

P1030749 We love you MamMaw and PapPaw!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Yummy II

P1030754 My cousin’s little boy, Toby, fed Carsyn some of his cookie. So sweet to share.



PaPa T gave Carsyn her first Bullitt.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010



Take a look at that belly would ya?

That’s an 18 month top. Who knew it would be so small. She wore it any way.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hooray Charlie AKA Charles Endicott Man of Mystery


My cousin Charlie graduated high school on Saturday. It’s kind of early. He still has to go to school for two more weeks. I didn’t realize that until the end of the day. Therefore I requested my gradation gift back until it’s official. I mean, my gift was awesome and I don’t want him to flee the country with his super cool gift without his official diploma. It’s a hard world with a high school diploma.

P1030715  Katie came with her sweet babies, Toby (2 months older than CarCar) and Stormie Mae.

P1030722 Misty helped lots with Carsyn. Not sure how we’ll go out in public once Gage gets here. We need more hands.



Uncle Chuck holding Carsyn.

P1030723 P1030724 P1030726 Carsyn loved Charlie’s uber cool snowboarder suitcase. (in case you are wondering, my gift is cooler. I’ve refrained from showing it on the blog because I don’t want to show up his parents and their cool luggage.)


P1030731  Here he is. Charles Endicott Man of Mystery.

I named him that because at senior night for band (I think. I can’t remember the whole story, so I’ve embellished this part) his band director introduced each senior and shared where they were going to school or what their future plans were. Charlie didn’t want to share. It’s top secret. It’s a mystery. Now everyone is intrigued.



We interrupt this graduation party for a mini baby shower.


Here is Carsyn playing Vanna White.

P1030734 Shower over.



P1030736 My cousin Robert holding Carsyn. She really liked him.




Charlie and PapPaw hanging out.


Congratulations Charles Ray Endicott!

(PS. he’s taking a year off and going to work at a ski resort. And do lots of snowboarding. I’m a supporter)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Family Portrait

At the end of Mother's Day.

Isn't it nice how much we love each other?


What's this do? I've been in the Tahoe for a million miles and have never seen this button before. Oh WOW! It controls the window. That's what I'm talking about. I've got the power.

Um, what a second. What happened? 5 seconds ago it worked. Why isn't the window coming down?

Mom. Did you break my window?

On the way home from Oklahoma Carsyn discovered the button that controls the window. Tony quckly rolled it back up and switched on the child locks.

It was fun while it lasted.

Friday, May 14, 2010


Holy Cow PaPa T. That is the best brownie I ever ate. That is the only brownie I ever ate.

Ha Ha. I'm so funny.

Thanks Grandma Phyllis for making brownies.

Keeping the Doctor Away

An apple a day...
Um, hello?!? When did my baby girl start eating an entire apple? Without it being cut up? Without needing her momma to help cut it up into long stripes so she can eat it?
You're wondering how she even got that big ol' apple aren't you. Frankly, I don't know either. What kind of mom am I that I leave entire apples laying around the floor?