Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pack Pack, Pack Pack

Carsyn got her very first backpack this weekend. Courtesy of some savvy garage sale-ing, picked this puppy up for a dollar.


I think I’ve mentioned Carsyn’s love for Dora that borders on obsession. We have Dora pull-ups, Dora toothbrush, Dora bath toys, Dora band aides, Dora on the iPad, Dora, Dora microphone… Yup I recognize this child has no money of her own and even if she did, couldn’t actually buy any of this stuff. We’re enablers.

So Dora has this backpack. It’s amazing. It has EVERYTHING you’d EVER need. Seriously. I watched the episode where Dora’s parents gifted her the magical backpack and they stressed how awesome it was and that it had everything she could ever need.

Here’s the little ditty that will get stuck in your head. It comes on very time Dora needs something form her backpack. What’s so cute about it? Carsyn hears Pack Pack instead of Backpack. Love that sweetness.

P1070903So… back to Carsyn and her very first backpack. I’d been thinking that she needed a backpack like Dora for a while. Low and behold…she found it all by herself while I was checking out a cute table and chair set at a garage sale in Fort Worth. Bonus…it has a little monkey on it that looks like Dora’s BFF – Boots. She loves to wear it around the house and usually ends up with a baby doll inside. She wore it to church on Sunday. Momma is pretty pumped about that! She can now carry her own stuff. Score.

What’s Carsyn doing in the laundry room? With her new pick chair against the door? Securing it. Keeping the dogs in the garage. Never can be too safe ;-)  Love this girl!

How cute is her dress? That’s her Easter outfit that ripped. Remember? It’s Friday, but Sunday is coming!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Camera Phone

Carsyn is all about taking pictures. She even pretended the house phone was a camera. Here she is telling me to say Cheese while she snapped my photo.


Going a little old school and holding the camera up close to your face to get a good shot.



Finally letting momma take her picture. Maybe not as excited about that as taking them herself.P1070789

Last but not least, self portraits.

P1070792Carsyn has been very imaginative here lately. It’s a joy to watch her dream up stories and engage is some creative play!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Monday, July 18, 2011

Daddy’s Home

Hooray!!! Carsyn and I both get very excited when Tony comes home from DC. He was able to catch a flight late on Thursday night and walked through the door about 10:45. So happy to have our family whole! P1070802So what did we do? I went to work on Friday. Boo. But Saturday morning we played outside in the backyard. Carsyn picked out her shoes and adjusted her PJs herself. She’s got style.

P1070807She really enjoyed playing with the puppies and threw the ball for them to chase. This was early. Before 8. So it was only 90 degrees out instead of 105.


P1070813 There was so good snuggle time.

P1070831 Saturday date night.



And finally the Splash Park. What else would we do?!?


Baby girl LOVES her Daddy!

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Chick-a-la. Frozen yogurt. Friends. Doesn't get much better than this.
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Thursday, July 14, 2011


While I’m sure it’s totally acceptable to say your baby is the cutest, prettiest, smartest one that ever walked the face of the earth (even though my recent Parenting mag contradicts the genius part), I just can’t help but think people only agree out of politeness. They think THEIR baby is all of those things.

I’d like to present evidence proving my case.

1. Look at her.


2. She wakes up really happy. ‘Good morning Momma! The light’s on.’ Pointing to the dinning room window…at 6:05 AM. (I think I’ve veered off course. We’re talking cute right?)


3. She yells ‘Go Rangers’ at every sport on TV. She actually calls it TB.

4. She’s really been missing her daddy lately. Every time she sees an airplane it goes like this: “My daddy is too far. He’s in Washington DC. I can not reach him. I so sad. He’s too far.”

5. She has an wonderful imagination. Ask her about the alligator eating her sunglasses at her house. AKA as ‘ma house’

6. The love for Dora grows. She has a Dora toothbrush. Dora band aids and watches Dora on the iPad. She knows how to get to Netflix and stream Dora live on our iPad. Yup. She’s that cool.

7. I’m so proud of her. She’s really staying on top of the dog situation. She tells them to stop barking. Be quiet. No runaway. Go outside! No lick me. Really staying on the top the dog situation.

8. Ask her if her day care buddy Callen is her best friend and she’ll tell you no. B is her best friend. She loves Brandy!

9. She loves to sing Jesus Loves Me and Oh How I Love Jesus every night before bed.

10. She is a reader. Give that girl a book and she is happy. That makes this momma very happy.


Feel free to add your favorite Carsyn moment in the comments section!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

They Quack Me Up

Corny I know. After a morning at the splash park and a nap, Emily and Cayden discovered some baby ducks down by the pond. So the whole crew headed out with a loaf of bread in hand to enjoy nature.

P1070740 We found some baby ducks.

Then some more ducks.

P1070745 There were a lot. I started throwing the bread pieces the opposite direction so they wouldn’t eat our children.



P1070752 Gagers just ate the bread.

P1070754 A good time was had by all. This might be a great activity for Carsyn and I to try with her wagon. To offer a little protection from all those hungry hungry ducks.

Next morning we loaded up and headed to church.

Love this sweet girl!


Carsyn and Gage enjoyed a little ride as we waited in line to check in at the Jungle. Doesn’t Gage look like such a big boy!

P1070762 From what I understand, everyone had a great time at church. The worship music was great as always and the sermon reminded us to have compassion for people. I’ve been aware for a long time that I’m very blessed to live where I do and have what I have. Actually. To steward what the LORD has. There are a ton of ministries out there.  Here is just one that I’ve found to be doing good things. World Concern. Check it out.


Back to 100 degrees and back to the splash park. We spent at least 2 hours there on Sunday afternoon. Maybe 2 1/2. We owned that place. Here is Carsyn manning the button. The splash park is designed to conserve water if no one is there. The system cycles through and then turns off unless you push the red button on the bright yellow pedestal. Caryn was all over it. Cayden found great joy and rushing over to help too!

P1070770 P1070774 P1070775 P1070776 Carsyn and I had a great time with our friends! So happy they could come play.

Monday, July 11, 2011

100 degrees

What do you do with 4 kids when it’s 100 million degrees outside and you have nothing to play with in your backyard? Load ‘em up and head to the splash park!

4 kids + 3 momma = 2 cars.  P1070690 Cayden was sweet enough to ride separate from his momma and hang with Carsyn and me. Don’t worry. He brought protection. His pistols.

These two were hilarious in the backseat. Both love to tell a story and both love to sing. We had dueling songs at one time with Jesus Loves Me and a Gene Autry favorite, Oklahoma Hills. There were several tall tales and requests to be quiet so their own story could be told.

First stop for mommas.

P1070691 Caffeine. These kids get up with the sun!

P1070692 Here is the other car in our caravan. Don’t stress, I was stopped at a red light. Safety fist!


So, turns out the splash park doesn’t open until 10. We’d been up since 6:30(or earlier) and showed up at 9:30. Fortunately there is a little park close by and we just did a little pregame there.


Carsyn is working on her bend-kick-bend-kick routine. I was a little nervous about the big girl swing, but she was only on it for about 2.5 seconds.



I love this one. Carsyn climbed up to the top all by herself. I stood there to spot her and showed her where to put her hands and feet, but she did all the work. Little rock climber. P1070709 P1070711

Seriously?!!? with the sunglasses. Sass. That girl’s got sass.


Gage man and Quinn were hanging out in the swings while the others played on the big playground toys. (I say others because I’m not going to single out just the 4 and under crowd)

P1070716 P1070720


Finally the water came on!! Hoorary. IT’s only about 95 degrees at 10 am.P1070731 P1070733


We had a great day at the splash park!!! It was so nice for Carsyn to play with her friends.

Saturday, July 9, 2011


When your husband leaves town for the summer and your friends in Oklahoma are school teachers…you get visitors! Hooray for them and me!

Misty, Gage, Emily, Cayden, and Quinn all drove down for a visit.

P1070685 4 kids, 4 and under. 3 moms. We were on the loosing side. Considering I think things went pretty well. We had nice family meal time. Random nap time. And lots of splash pad time.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Big Girl Cart

We’re all about being a big girl lately. If I tell Carsyn she is my favorite baby ever she tells me she is a big girl and that Gagers is a baby. That’s our favorite baby ever.  P1070794We hit up Target for a few essentials and she refused to sit in the front of the cart. Then she saw this special seat in a cart clear across the store and it was a MUST HAVE! No doubt about it. She is a big girl.


Check out that pony tail. So sweet.


And she’s over it. The paparazzi must go away.

Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July

P1070604Tony’s extended family gathered at the lake over the weekend.

P1070589There was homemade ice cream. Indian tacos. BBQ. Steak and baked potato. Cake.

P1070602P1070598P1070599Cousins. Grandparents. Aunts and Uncles. Brothers. Sisters. Babies.

P1070624Bubbles. Boats. Pools. Fireworks. Golf carts. Parades.      


P1070609Carsyn tried pickled okra for the first time. I think. Maybe she’s had it before. Either way she liked it. Not really surprised by that. She seems like everything. 


Here is Carsyn trying to put on Barbie’s bathing suit. I could really go so many directions with this.   I’ll just leave it at funny.


Carsyn and DJ chillaxing in the pool. It’s only a 106 degrees outside. Doesn’t get much better than this.


Pretty sure this is the only family picture from the entire 4 days at the lake house. See my feet.

P1070668 P1070669 P1070681 Finally Carsyn cleaned up at the golf cart parade. We sat on the porch last year. Didn’t know they threw candies. Score!