Thursday, July 14, 2011


While I’m sure it’s totally acceptable to say your baby is the cutest, prettiest, smartest one that ever walked the face of the earth (even though my recent Parenting mag contradicts the genius part), I just can’t help but think people only agree out of politeness. They think THEIR baby is all of those things.

I’d like to present evidence proving my case.

1. Look at her.


2. She wakes up really happy. ‘Good morning Momma! The light’s on.’ Pointing to the dinning room window…at 6:05 AM. (I think I’ve veered off course. We’re talking cute right?)


3. She yells ‘Go Rangers’ at every sport on TV. She actually calls it TB.

4. She’s really been missing her daddy lately. Every time she sees an airplane it goes like this: “My daddy is too far. He’s in Washington DC. I can not reach him. I so sad. He’s too far.”

5. She has an wonderful imagination. Ask her about the alligator eating her sunglasses at her house. AKA as ‘ma house’

6. The love for Dora grows. She has a Dora toothbrush. Dora band aids and watches Dora on the iPad. She knows how to get to Netflix and stream Dora live on our iPad. Yup. She’s that cool.

7. I’m so proud of her. She’s really staying on top of the dog situation. She tells them to stop barking. Be quiet. No runaway. Go outside! No lick me. Really staying on the top the dog situation.

8. Ask her if her day care buddy Callen is her best friend and she’ll tell you no. B is her best friend. She loves Brandy!

9. She loves to sing Jesus Loves Me and Oh How I Love Jesus every night before bed.

10. She is a reader. Give that girl a book and she is happy. That makes this momma very happy.


Feel free to add your favorite Carsyn moment in the comments section!


  1. I especially love hearing her sing "Jesus Loves Me." One of my favorite pics is when she is playing the lightup guitar in front of my full length mirror. I throughly enjoy our long conversations which often refer to "ma house."My heart swells when I hear her say back to me, "I love you so much." I love her so much.

  2. There are so many, but my most recent moment was this weekend. She chose too watch her Gagers in the monitor while drinking milk in the morning instead of watching Dora. Now that's true love.

  3. I also love how she starts jumping down the hall and says, "Jump Momma." A woman not afraid to ask for anything.

  4. There are so many "favorites"! I have to agree with Granny, hearing her sing Jesus Loves Me has to be up there at the top. Carsyn is such a very special little girl. And her asking What 'cha doin' MawMaw. And then there was the time recently while stopped at a red light, she said, PawPaw, just be patient, when it's red you have to stop. It will turn green and then it will be your turn--just be patient. She cracked us up.