Monday, July 11, 2011

100 degrees

What do you do with 4 kids when it’s 100 million degrees outside and you have nothing to play with in your backyard? Load ‘em up and head to the splash park!

4 kids + 3 momma = 2 cars.  P1070690 Cayden was sweet enough to ride separate from his momma and hang with Carsyn and me. Don’t worry. He brought protection. His pistols.

These two were hilarious in the backseat. Both love to tell a story and both love to sing. We had dueling songs at one time with Jesus Loves Me and a Gene Autry favorite, Oklahoma Hills. There were several tall tales and requests to be quiet so their own story could be told.

First stop for mommas.

P1070691 Caffeine. These kids get up with the sun!

P1070692 Here is the other car in our caravan. Don’t stress, I was stopped at a red light. Safety fist!


So, turns out the splash park doesn’t open until 10. We’d been up since 6:30(or earlier) and showed up at 9:30. Fortunately there is a little park close by and we just did a little pregame there.


Carsyn is working on her bend-kick-bend-kick routine. I was a little nervous about the big girl swing, but she was only on it for about 2.5 seconds.



I love this one. Carsyn climbed up to the top all by herself. I stood there to spot her and showed her where to put her hands and feet, but she did all the work. Little rock climber. P1070709 P1070711

Seriously?!!? with the sunglasses. Sass. That girl’s got sass.


Gage man and Quinn were hanging out in the swings while the others played on the big playground toys. (I say others because I’m not going to single out just the 4 and under crowd)

P1070716 P1070720


Finally the water came on!! Hoorary. IT’s only about 95 degrees at 10 am.P1070731 P1070733


We had a great day at the splash park!!! It was so nice for Carsyn to play with her friends.

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  1. Splash Pad is a great place to play. Carsyn, I know that you had so much fun with your friends and cuz. I sure did have fun playing at the Splash Pad with you, too. I love you so much.