Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July

P1070604Tony’s extended family gathered at the lake over the weekend.

P1070589There was homemade ice cream. Indian tacos. BBQ. Steak and baked potato. Cake.

P1070602P1070598P1070599Cousins. Grandparents. Aunts and Uncles. Brothers. Sisters. Babies.

P1070624Bubbles. Boats. Pools. Fireworks. Golf carts. Parades.      


P1070609Carsyn tried pickled okra for the first time. I think. Maybe she’s had it before. Either way she liked it. Not really surprised by that. She seems like everything. 


Here is Carsyn trying to put on Barbie’s bathing suit. I could really go so many directions with this.   I’ll just leave it at funny.


Carsyn and DJ chillaxing in the pool. It’s only a 106 degrees outside. Doesn’t get much better than this.


Pretty sure this is the only family picture from the entire 4 days at the lake house. See my feet.

P1070668 P1070669 P1070681 Finally Carsyn cleaned up at the golf cart parade. We sat on the porch last year. Didn’t know they threw candies. Score!

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