Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Camera Phone

Carsyn is all about taking pictures. She even pretended the house phone was a camera. Here she is telling me to say Cheese while she snapped my photo.


Going a little old school and holding the camera up close to your face to get a good shot.



Finally letting momma take her picture. Maybe not as excited about that as taking them herself.P1070789

Last but not least, self portraits.

P1070792Carsyn has been very imaginative here lately. It’s a joy to watch her dream up stories and engage is some creative play!


  1. Carsyn you are a pretty amazing little girl! I think it is great that you love taking pictures. I love the last picture too. Carsyn has her Daddy's eyes, but she sure has a lot of you too Crystal.

  2. Such sweet pictures!!. Carsyn you took some great pictures with the house phone, too!! Yes, she does have a very vivid imagination. I cna hardly wait for Friday to come. PawPaw and I are looking forward to you being with us a few days. We love you bunches!!