Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pack Pack, Pack Pack

Carsyn got her very first backpack this weekend. Courtesy of some savvy garage sale-ing, picked this puppy up for a dollar.


I think I’ve mentioned Carsyn’s love for Dora that borders on obsession. We have Dora pull-ups, Dora toothbrush, Dora bath toys, Dora band aides, Dora on the iPad, Dora, Dora microphone… Yup I recognize this child has no money of her own and even if she did, couldn’t actually buy any of this stuff. We’re enablers.

So Dora has this backpack. It’s amazing. It has EVERYTHING you’d EVER need. Seriously. I watched the episode where Dora’s parents gifted her the magical backpack and they stressed how awesome it was and that it had everything she could ever need.

Here’s the little ditty that will get stuck in your head. It comes on very time Dora needs something form her backpack. What’s so cute about it? Carsyn hears Pack Pack instead of Backpack. Love that sweetness.

P1070903So… back to Carsyn and her very first backpack. I’d been thinking that she needed a backpack like Dora for a while. Low and behold…she found it all by herself while I was checking out a cute table and chair set at a garage sale in Fort Worth. Bonus…it has a little monkey on it that looks like Dora’s BFF – Boots. She loves to wear it around the house and usually ends up with a baby doll inside. She wore it to church on Sunday. Momma is pretty pumped about that! She can now carry her own stuff. Score.

What’s Carsyn doing in the laundry room? With her new pick chair against the door? Securing it. Keeping the dogs in the garage. Never can be too safe ;-)  Love this girl!

How cute is her dress? That’s her Easter outfit that ripped. Remember? It’s Friday, but Sunday is coming!


  1. She is so cute.

    Katie got her first Dora toy for her birthday and I am hoping she doesn't become a Dora addict. For some reason Dora's voice REALLY bugs me. Marcus told me I was racist. It's not true!

  2. Granny and PapaTJuly 28, 2011 at 8:15 PM

    Carsyn, you are a great bargain shopper just like your Mama. PapaT and I enjoyed going garage saling with you. We love you so much.

  3. Pack-Pack...Pack-Pack!

  4. Carsyn you are such a pretty girl. I'm so glad you smiled pretty for the camera.

  5. Dina, give yourself another 18 months! Dora will win you over.