Friday, August 5, 2011

Fort Worth Zoo

Warning: Picture Overload

I won’t do too much commentating. I wasn’t there. Carsyn got to hang out with Granny, Aunt Misty and Gage all week.

The wonder of the zoo. So sweet to see Carsyn mesmerized by the animals. P1070914 P1070918 

The Hat Club.

P1070921 P1070924 

She really likes to KNOW about the animals, not just look at them. Are we potty trained? No. Can we read? Apparently.


sweet Gagers. He was a rock start and stayed at the zoo forever!

P1070927  P1070932 P1070934 P1070941 P1070947 P1070961 P1070964 P1070968 P1070970 P1070987

They both played hard!


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