Sunday, January 31, 2010

Come On Mom

P1030059 Seriously. The camera again. Will it ever stop? Yes, I’m one. Yes, I like puffs. This really can’t be news worthy.


I’m watching you. Don’t think I don’t see you eye-balling me, daddy.


Ha Ha, Just kidding momma. You know I LOVE the camera!

Knee Walkin’ Golfer


‘Tis the Season. Golf season that is. When we lived in Oklahoma, golf season was February to November. Now that we’re in Texas it’s January to November plus every other weekend in December.


OK. I seriously considered not posting this video. My house is a wreck. But in the attempt for authenticity, here it is. But please allow me a few excuses. 1. It’s Sunday night. My baby is fed and bathed. Now we’re playing. That’s mission accomplished in my book. 2. That is actually clean laundry. Some folded, some not. Admit it, you know that folding and putting it away is the hardest part. 3. My baby is too little to clean up after herself or me.

More Cheese Please!


Carsyn had mac and cheese for supper tonight. It started out fine. I was feeding her with a spoon. Problem was, it was hot and I was slow. Then she discovered the left over puffs on her tray. They were there to pacify her until the mac and cheese was ready. Then it was my turn to grow impatient. I’m standing there, with the now cooled mac and cheese and she’s busy with puffs. So, I dumped the rest on her tray.



Look mom! I’ve got cheese on my hands. And my hair. And my legs. And the floor.


The clean up crew deserves a big bowl of ice cream now. But the clean up crew is in a weight loss challenge at work. There should be a clause, if you have small children, you can be exempt for at least one week. I’m going to bring that up at Wednesdays weigh in.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Baby Step

Once again I took this video the wrong way.  Aaahh, I’ve got to stop doing that.

Either way, enjoy the 6 seconds. Carsyn is doing a great job of standing up on her own. She only took one step in this clip, but it’s been rumored that she has taken up to 4 steps.

Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm Buying

Excuse the horrible photo quality. I took this picture with my phone. Carsyn decided she would help dad out tonight and pay for dinner. That large blurr near her right hand is Carsyn shaking the Tahoe keys. I guess she planned on driving home too.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Quinn, Cayden and Carsyn

My best friend from junior high and high school had her second baby last Monday. The whole gang went up to see baby Quinn. Me, Carsyn, Misty and my mom.

Please note that I didn’t get one picture of Emily or me. I barely got one of Quinn. Shame on me. I will not be receiving my check for this photo shoot.

Cayden is being incredibly sweet and letting Carsyn play with his toys. He let everyone hold his baby sister Quinn. (Do you see her way way way in the back? Misty is holding her. Such a tiny little thing. Sweet baby. Didn’t hear her cry once in the three hours we were there.)


At this point Cayden is a little concerned. It’s ok for Carsyn to play with his stuff, but he’d really rather her not slobber all over it.


I missed the best shot. They were both laying on their bellies to reach Cotton the cat. You can imagine that cat was scared for his life by all the lovin’ he was getting.


It’s hard work chasing a cat. Cayden is giving Carsyn a little neck massage. I’m totally jealous!

Big Book

Oh Momma, look at this Big Book. It's so heavy!

Look! I can count as I sit very lady like. 1, 2... (is any one else impressed that she has the book turned the correct way?!?!)

See, then do you like this...pull the birdie out of the tree.

Once you get the birdie out, you rub it like this. Gotta make sure it feels the love.

And that's how I like to read my big fat heavy book.

Thanks Aunt Misty and Uncle Jeff for getting it for me!

Love Her

Please ignore all the baby hand prints and the puppy slim on my back door.
This picture of Carsyn is so cute. She's looking for her puppies. I just love her standing there in all her cuteness.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Knee Walkin'

I took no less than 12 video clips. Trying desperately to get good video of Carsyn knee walking. She has been doing this now for about 3 weeks. She isn’t crawling or walking. She gets up on her knees and walks around. I got about 2 seconds of her now becoming famous knee walking. Enjoy.


Please note that I got tired of standing around taking video. I sat down and starting reading a Ballard’s Design catalog and let my family play with my baby. It makes them happy. Any way, as I’m sitting there, I happen to look up and what do I see? Little Miss Carsyn taking a step. Yup! Her first step. Didn’t get that on video.


Here is another video of her knee walking. It’s dark though.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

They Work!

Carsyn and I drove to Oklahoma last night.

Can I just say, I'm in love with her new big girl car seat. Love it! I could actually see my baby. Reach her. Hand her food or her sippy cup.

Then...sleep. Sweet glorious sleep.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

They're Here! They're Here!

I will NOT get back in that little baby car seat! Look how small it is momma. That's for babies and I'm a big girl.
But Carsyn, It's not my fault. The super cool new big girl car seat was back ordered. It took forever to get here. I don't care what you say. I'm mad.

Oh wow momma!! This new car seat ROCKS! I'm sitting up. I can see all the cars. I'm in love.

* side note. This pic was taken this morning. not last night. It's dark. We leave our house early. I'm just sayin'

Sunday, January 17, 2010


MamMaw Betty and PapPaw Wade came to see us today. It was great!

I'm so glad they came. They brought Carsyn the sweetest softest little lamb for her Birthday. It says 'Jesus Loves Me'.


Friday, January 15, 2010

All Creaturs of Our God and King

I love that song.

All Creatures of Our God and King. Lift up your voice with us sing. Alleluia! Alleluia!

Isn't this how you've always pictured Noah's Ark? We've got a polar bear and a toucan with Noah the farmer. Then there is a horse and a giraffe on the ground.


As directed by PaPa T, I needed to get that pictures of that crying baby off the blog. He's not even convinced that it's really Carsyn. He said that wasn't his baby. She doesn't cry like that.

So, here's a kiss from Carsyn. Open mouthed lovin'
Sorry for the bad photography. 1 year olds don't listen to my directions.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Whole Milk

We've now switched totally to whole milk. I sort of thought this would be the reaction.

Nope. This is what happened. Bliss.

So what do I know?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Boy It's Quiet

I was in the living room and Carsyn was playing around with all her new toys from Christmas.

She patted down the hall, that's normal. She likes to hang out in the little space in front of our bedroom door.

Then it got really quiet. Hmmm... What is she doing? Where is she? Please don't let her be on the stairs.


She's safely tucked away in the pantry.

'bout time little girl! Get that Swiffer out and work on those hardwoods ;-)

just kidding. Thank the Lord we have Rosa for that!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Warm Feeling

It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling to know that Carsyn will actually play with the toys she was given for Christmas...At least once she helps Daddy put them together. She's a good little apprentice.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

They Say It's Your Birthday

We celebrated Carsyn's birthday on the 31st, a day late. Her first visitors were Uncle Jerrye and Aunt Barby. They came during the OU game, thus her black and red outfit.

Here is Daddy and Jerrye helping her.

Again, when in doubt, climb on the package.

After a little nap, we changed into our birthday outfit. Don't you just love it? I got her shirt off Etsy. So cute!

She needed another little nap with Daddy. She wasn't feeling 100%.

It's hard for mommy to get a picture with her baby without taking it herself.

Like the table. I didn't go crazy with the decorations or celebration. We had a family party at my parent's house in Oklahoma.

This is the big peoples cake.

Carsyn's personal smash cake. I know it looks a little scary. But it's just a cute little frog. The colors matched and she had a frog pacey.

Here is Carsyn looking cute eating her napkin.

Carsyn enjoying MawMaw.

Five generations!! MamMaw Reece, Grandma Phyllis, Granny, Momma and Carsyn.

Our family of three.

Carsyn needed a little help from Momma and Daddy to get the candle blown out.

What is this?

Here is a little taste test. Gunner is encouraging her.

OK, maybe this is not that bad. Maybe this is actually pretty good.

Yeah baby! This stuff is AWESOME!

Give me more cake! Give me more cake!

Time to hose her off.

Clean Up Clean Up, Everybody Clean Up. Is that a glazed over sugar induced look?

Such cute presents!

Gunner is guarding Carsyn's presents until she can come open them.

Cute Baby.

Look! I got ribbons!

Hooray! I got a box full of paper!

Adorable!! Don't you just want to eat her up!

Carsyn reading her new pop up book from Jenni, Donavan and Gunner. Thanks friends!

Daddy showing Carsyn the fun animals that Granny and PaPa T got her.

Carsyn had about enough of opening presents. She needed Daddy. Gunner helped me unwrap the rest. He's a professional now. She's had 2 Christmas's and 1 birthday.

Carsyn was loving hanging out with Donavan.

Gunner testing out Carsyn's new puppy.

Grandma Phyllis and Carsyn are explaining something really important.

Carsyn and MamMaw loving on each other. For all my non-family members, this is Carsyn's Great Great Grandma. She's 97 and still climbs up the stairs every night to her bedroom. Impressive.

That's how we ended the night. With a little lovin'. I know this post wins the prize for the most pics. Thanks for hanging in there to the very end.