Sunday, January 31, 2010

More Cheese Please!


Carsyn had mac and cheese for supper tonight. It started out fine. I was feeding her with a spoon. Problem was, it was hot and I was slow. Then she discovered the left over puffs on her tray. They were there to pacify her until the mac and cheese was ready. Then it was my turn to grow impatient. I’m standing there, with the now cooled mac and cheese and she’s busy with puffs. So, I dumped the rest on her tray.



Look mom! I’ve got cheese on my hands. And my hair. And my legs. And the floor.


The clean up crew deserves a big bowl of ice cream now. But the clean up crew is in a weight loss challenge at work. There should be a clause, if you have small children, you can be exempt for at least one week. I’m going to bring that up at Wednesdays weigh in.

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