Sunday, January 10, 2010

Boy It's Quiet

I was in the living room and Carsyn was playing around with all her new toys from Christmas.

She patted down the hall, that's normal. She likes to hang out in the little space in front of our bedroom door.

Then it got really quiet. Hmmm... What is she doing? Where is she? Please don't let her be on the stairs.


She's safely tucked away in the pantry.

'bout time little girl! Get that Swiffer out and work on those hardwoods ;-)

just kidding. Thank the Lord we have Rosa for that!


  1. That is hysterical and fabulous at the same time. Carsyn, you look adorable in there! Love ya.

  2. Okay, to funny. Carsyn, you look so cute in your hoodie and jeans. :)

  3. How funny!! Carsyn, I can tell you are very happy and content right where you are. You thought you had more new toys didn't you? You are so precious!! I love you, Sweet Pea.