Sunday, January 24, 2010

Knee Walkin'

I took no less than 12 video clips. Trying desperately to get good video of Carsyn knee walking. She has been doing this now for about 3 weeks. She isn’t crawling or walking. She gets up on her knees and walks around. I got about 2 seconds of her now becoming famous knee walking. Enjoy.


Please note that I got tired of standing around taking video. I sat down and starting reading a Ballard’s Design catalog and let my family play with my baby. It makes them happy. Any way, as I’m sitting there, I happen to look up and what do I see? Little Miss Carsyn taking a step. Yup! Her first step. Didn’t get that on video.


Here is another video of her knee walking. It’s dark though.


  1. How funny! Carsyn, you are so funny with your knee walkin. I love you, little knee walker.

  2. I loved playing with your this weekend. Thanks for bringing your Mommy to Lawton. I love your knee walking. Before we know it you'll be running.