Sunday, January 3, 2010

They Say It's Your Birthday

We celebrated Carsyn's birthday on the 31st, a day late. Her first visitors were Uncle Jerrye and Aunt Barby. They came during the OU game, thus her black and red outfit.

Here is Daddy and Jerrye helping her.

Again, when in doubt, climb on the package.

After a little nap, we changed into our birthday outfit. Don't you just love it? I got her shirt off Etsy. So cute!

She needed another little nap with Daddy. She wasn't feeling 100%.

It's hard for mommy to get a picture with her baby without taking it herself.

Like the table. I didn't go crazy with the decorations or celebration. We had a family party at my parent's house in Oklahoma.

This is the big peoples cake.

Carsyn's personal smash cake. I know it looks a little scary. But it's just a cute little frog. The colors matched and she had a frog pacey.

Here is Carsyn looking cute eating her napkin.

Carsyn enjoying MawMaw.

Five generations!! MamMaw Reece, Grandma Phyllis, Granny, Momma and Carsyn.

Our family of three.

Carsyn needed a little help from Momma and Daddy to get the candle blown out.

What is this?

Here is a little taste test. Gunner is encouraging her.

OK, maybe this is not that bad. Maybe this is actually pretty good.

Yeah baby! This stuff is AWESOME!

Give me more cake! Give me more cake!

Time to hose her off.

Clean Up Clean Up, Everybody Clean Up. Is that a glazed over sugar induced look?

Such cute presents!

Gunner is guarding Carsyn's presents until she can come open them.

Cute Baby.

Look! I got ribbons!

Hooray! I got a box full of paper!

Adorable!! Don't you just want to eat her up!

Carsyn reading her new pop up book from Jenni, Donavan and Gunner. Thanks friends!

Daddy showing Carsyn the fun animals that Granny and PaPa T got her.

Carsyn had about enough of opening presents. She needed Daddy. Gunner helped me unwrap the rest. He's a professional now. She's had 2 Christmas's and 1 birthday.

Carsyn was loving hanging out with Donavan.

Gunner testing out Carsyn's new puppy.

Grandma Phyllis and Carsyn are explaining something really important.

Carsyn and MamMaw loving on each other. For all my non-family members, this is Carsyn's Great Great Grandma. She's 97 and still climbs up the stairs every night to her bedroom. Impressive.

That's how we ended the night. With a little lovin'. I know this post wins the prize for the most pics. Thanks for hanging in there to the very end.


  1. She sooo cute. I love her etsy shirt. Happy birthday, Carsyn!

  2. Those are awesome pics and a great 1st birthday. You survived the first year!!! Congrats to you! She's soooo cute!

  3. Carsyn I sorry I missed your birthday, but your mommy took great pictures. I'm glad you loved your frog cake! And your shirts is too cute. I love you.

  4. Of course, more pictures is better in my opinion. We had so much fun having Carsyn here for her birthday. Thanks for hanging out with us! Love ya.

  5. I enjoyed looking at all the pics again. It is so fun to see how much Carsyn changes in so little time. Keep up the good work. I love you all.