Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Quinn, Cayden and Carsyn

My best friend from junior high and high school had her second baby last Monday. The whole gang went up to see baby Quinn. Me, Carsyn, Misty and my mom.

Please note that I didn’t get one picture of Emily or me. I barely got one of Quinn. Shame on me. I will not be receiving my check for this photo shoot.

Cayden is being incredibly sweet and letting Carsyn play with his toys. He let everyone hold his baby sister Quinn. (Do you see her way way way in the back? Misty is holding her. Such a tiny little thing. Sweet baby. Didn’t hear her cry once in the three hours we were there.)


At this point Cayden is a little concerned. It’s ok for Carsyn to play with his stuff, but he’d really rather her not slobber all over it.


I missed the best shot. They were both laying on their bellies to reach Cotton the cat. You can imagine that cat was scared for his life by all the lovin’ he was getting.


It’s hard work chasing a cat. Cayden is giving Carsyn a little neck massage. I’m totally jealous!


  1. Crystal, those are great pictues. I'll look to see if I took any that you could use.

  2. When Cayden was running Carsyn's shoulders it was so cute!!!