Thursday, August 18, 2011


Carsyn is so funny. She’s smart, quick, contemplative, serious, silly, sassy, and creative.

Here are a few things that she’s said lately:

Carsyn is very independent. After locking my purse with my phone in the back of the callie car at Target and locking myself and baby out…we finally got OnStar to open the car. It’s only like 120 degrees on that pavement and Carsyn insists on putting herself into her big girl carseat (side note: She’s NOT a baby!) Of course that entails crawling in, checking the AC vents (which aren’t blowing because I’m still standing outside her door on the 125 degree pavement waiting for her to hop into her seat!), checking on her back pack, climbing up onto the seats so she can finally crawl into her carseat. At this point I am OVER independence. I may or may not have said something about you have 3 seconds to get in your seat or else. I may or may not have said something about it being 130 degrees outside. By now she’s feeling the heat and decides to tell me. She pulls her tiny little hands into fists and shakes them in front of her and says ‘You’re making me hot Momma!’ Really? Hot? I’m making YOU hot? Oh girl, you haven’t seen hot. Get in that seat!

First thing you have to understand about this story is, I’m not allowed to brush Carsyn’s hair. Not sure where this developed, but she freaks out when I try. Sunday morning…it’s simply the grace of God that she gets a pony tail. After her bath last night, Carsyn was standing in front of the TV looking at her reflection. (it was off in hopes of quick PJ dressing) Her hair was all matted together, stringy and Tony said it looked like a mullet. She was tossing it around as though it was long flowing over her shoulders and said ‘My hair so pretty’. Confidence. That right there is confidence! Love you baby girl.

Boomer and Sadie got out on Sunday afternoon. Carsyn and I had to drive around the neighborhood looking for them. She thought it was exciting. I thought it was hot and annoying. After we got the dogs back home, Carsyn yelled at Boomer. ‘Boomer, you listen to me! And you listen to ma momma!’  Amen sister!

In the mornings, Carsyn gets to watch Little Bear on Nick Jr. It consists of 3 little short stories in about 25 minutes. I really try to turn the TV off after the first two so we can get dressed and head out the door. One day I was running behind and the third story started. I needed to get the dogs food and Carsyn usually insists on helping with that. I explained I was going outside to give the dogs food and she held up her hand and said ‘5 minutes. I’ll come to you’ Thus the day Little Bear trumped the dogs.

Feel free to comment with your favorite Carsynism.

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  1. I love them all!!! Carsyn is definitely independent! Five minuites I come to you.....You make me hot Momma-----Boomer you listen to me and you listen to ma momma!!! Oh my how cute!!! She is definitely her own girl!! I love it! This is all so funny. I am sure all of it was not funny to you Crystal at the time it happened.