Saturday, July 2, 2011

Dora on Board

I took off on July 1st because Tony was home and we were lake bound. I really just need a job where I get paid but don’t actually have to show up. Maybe a seat on the Board of Directors of some lucrative company. (note to self…look into that)

Carsyn got a special treat. Dora on Daddy’s iPad 2. We now subscribe to Netflix and downloading Dora onto the iPad for travel is a BONUS!!!

P1070583 I’m a fan of Dora. When Carsyn was younger, I really limited the amount of expose she had with TV. Fortunately she really could care less way back then. Now that she’s 2 – movies for travel are fantastic! She watches something every day now. Probably more than I like, but she’s extremely social, busy busy, very talkative with a great vocabulary – I don’t think her brain is mush yet.

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