Tuesday, July 12, 2011

They Quack Me Up

Corny I know. After a morning at the splash park and a nap, Emily and Cayden discovered some baby ducks down by the pond. So the whole crew headed out with a loaf of bread in hand to enjoy nature.

P1070740 We found some baby ducks.

Then some more ducks.

P1070745 There were a lot. I started throwing the bread pieces the opposite direction so they wouldn’t eat our children.



P1070752 Gagers just ate the bread.

P1070754 A good time was had by all. This might be a great activity for Carsyn and I to try with her wagon. To offer a little protection from all those hungry hungry ducks.

Next morning we loaded up and headed to church.

Love this sweet girl!


Carsyn and Gage enjoyed a little ride as we waited in line to check in at the Jungle. Doesn’t Gage look like such a big boy!

P1070762 From what I understand, everyone had a great time at church. The worship music was great as always and the sermon reminded us to have compassion for people. I’ve been aware for a long time that I’m very blessed to live where I do and have what I have. Actually. To steward what the LORD has. There are a ton of ministries out there.  Here is just one that I’ve found to be doing good things. World Concern. Check it out.


Back to 100 degrees and back to the splash park. We spent at least 2 hours there on Sunday afternoon. Maybe 2 1/2. We owned that place. Here is Carsyn manning the button. The splash park is designed to conserve water if no one is there. The system cycles through and then turns off unless you push the red button on the bright yellow pedestal. Caryn was all over it. Cayden found great joy and rushing over to help too!

P1070770 P1070774 P1070775 P1070776 Carsyn and I had a great time with our friends! So happy they could come play.

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  1. Papa T reminded me that Gage is just like his Aunt Crystal when it comes to feeding the ducks. When Misty and Crystal were little girls, they were feeding potatoe chips to ducks; Crystal had a tendency to eat the chips herself. Good memories.