Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hooray Charlie AKA Charles Endicott Man of Mystery


My cousin Charlie graduated high school on Saturday. It’s kind of early. He still has to go to school for two more weeks. I didn’t realize that until the end of the day. Therefore I requested my gradation gift back until it’s official. I mean, my gift was awesome and I don’t want him to flee the country with his super cool gift without his official diploma. It’s a hard world with a high school diploma.

P1030715  Katie came with her sweet babies, Toby (2 months older than CarCar) and Stormie Mae.

P1030722 Misty helped lots with Carsyn. Not sure how we’ll go out in public once Gage gets here. We need more hands.



Uncle Chuck holding Carsyn.

P1030723 P1030724 P1030726 Carsyn loved Charlie’s uber cool snowboarder suitcase. (in case you are wondering, my gift is cooler. I’ve refrained from showing it on the blog because I don’t want to show up his parents and their cool luggage.)


P1030731  Here he is. Charles Endicott Man of Mystery.

I named him that because at senior night for band (I think. I can’t remember the whole story, so I’ve embellished this part) his band director introduced each senior and shared where they were going to school or what their future plans were. Charlie didn’t want to share. It’s top secret. It’s a mystery. Now everyone is intrigued.



We interrupt this graduation party for a mini baby shower.


Here is Carsyn playing Vanna White.

P1030734 Shower over.



P1030736 My cousin Robert holding Carsyn. She really liked him.




Charlie and PapPaw hanging out.


Congratulations Charles Ray Endicott!

(PS. he’s taking a year off and going to work at a ski resort. And do lots of snowboarding. I’m a supporter)


  1. Awesome blog Crystal. And I am a supporter too! Go Charlie!! Think he can get us a deal on lift tickets?

  2. We all had such a great time seeing Charlie at Graduation. We a so proud of him. I, too, am a supporter of the adventuresome Charlie. He will do well in anything he sets his mind to do!