Monday, May 10, 2010

Shower Her

Misty had her last baby shower before Gage arrives in June on Saturday.P1030619

Aunt Misty, Carsyn and momma primping before it started.


Did I mention she is like 35 or 36 weeks along? She looks amazing.



Jenni decorated her home so beautifully.

Where is Carsyn you might ask since I’m busy taking pictures? Look above. She’s running around like a wild woman. Where is Granny??!!?

P1030626   P1030634


P1030622 Here is our good friend from jr high and high school, Emily and her sweet baby girl Quinn. Quinn’s mommy isn’t a blogger, so she didn’t know to look at the camera. Carsyn is a pro.


     P1030644 This is what Jeff wore home from the hospital. I can’t believe how pristine it is.

Misty is due June 11. We can’t wait for baby Gage to get here!


  1. I might wear that same polka dot dress to my shower!!

  2. I had a wonderful time at the shower and enjoyed haning out with you and Carsyn. I can't wait until she gets to play with Gage too.

    Dina, You should wear the dress. It is totally cute on!

  3. We will need Carsyn to give Quinn modeling lessons!