Monday, October 17, 2011

Hold Your Breath

I’m saying this with fear and trepidation. Carsyn might actually be potty trained.  Whew. There it is. Out there. In print.

After 4 months and some intense few days and then me practically ignoring the whole thing, I think we’re there.

It boils down to me being sick of the pull ups and believing they were a crutch for her. I told Brandy we were going to be intense and deliberate this weekend so she got on board early. Carsyn started wearing panties on Wednesday afternoon and hasn’t looked back.

She let’s us know when she has to go so we can provide moral support and assistance. If you ask her throughout the day if she needs to go (my attempt at gentle reminders) and if she doesn't, she’ll reply “no, thank you”. Which is admittedly better than her saying, “I got this. Back off lady.”P1080095 Here a random not potty related pic. She’s cute and you should see her.

In full disclosure because I hate moms that say their kid is potty trained at 18 months and make me feel bad…she is wearing a pull up for naps and night time. I think we can drop it for naps after this week. She has woken up dry every time.

Hooray for big girls!!


  1. Way to go Carsyn! Hooray for Crystal and Tony as well. I'm proud of you big girl.

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