Monday, October 31, 2011


We had a party at Mike and Catherine’s on Friday night. Trunk or Treat at church Sunday and then candy giving on Monday.

 P1080251Carsyn played with the sand table for an hour. Who knew?


P1080264Carsyn and her buddy Cason. They like each other. P1080272Carsyn and momma riding the train at church. P1080275She had a good time!

P1080284We didn’t take Carsyn door to door. She has the BEST time handing out candy to the trick-or-treaters on Monday. She watched for them out the window and would jump up and down and run around when they came. She was very generous and spoke with the kids. Saying she liked their costume or asking what their costume was. After a little coaching from Dad she gave out handfuls of candy.


  1. Cute pictures!!! I am glad Carsyn has a buddy like Cason and they have fun together. The sand table sounds like fun, too. Crystal, I am so proud of you and Tony and how you have and are raising Carsyn. It isn't always easy, but you are being consistent and it shows. She is so sweet. love you all!!

  2. Carsyn is the prettiest ladybug that I know.

  3. Such a great time for Carsyn with church friends and Trick or Treet friends. She is just so cute. Grandma and I sure had fun with her in Friday. Carsyn is such a joy.