Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Carsyn’s Baby

Piggy-backing on yesterday’s post, I’d also like to announce Carsyn’s Baby.

It should come as no surprise to you Early Childhood scholars or you parentsX2,3,etc. that Carsyn has found her own way to handle the news of a new baby at our house…she got her own.

She has started blaming her baby for everything. “my baby spilled my water”. “my baby needs her blankie”. “my baby hit me with her spoon”. “tell her no! she needs to go to timeout”.

At first I thought it was an imaginary friend that she calls baby (she doesn’t name anything. all her dolls are baby). But then she offered up all on her own that her baby’s name was Joma. It’s a made up name. We don’t actually know anyone called Joma. This isn’t the first time for the name Joma to pop up. Mom and Brandy both recognized it.

If you ask her where Joma is, she’ll pat her chest and say her tummy. Some times she says her baby’s name is Karla. Not sure if she’s a two name girl or if Carsyn is having twins.

This is quite the memory and I love Carsyn’s imagination.

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