Sunday, June 19, 2011

It’s a Party

Gage is ONE and we’re excited! Carsyn was so excited that as soon as we walked in the door from the water park she was looking for his presents. She really needed him to open them up.

P1070340 P1070347 P1070359

Carsyn was even kind enough to help break the toys in for Gagers. Some bubbles, cool building blocks and some fun letters for the bathtub.


Gage, the Birthday Boy! Gagers loves him some balloons.


Everyone loved the balloons. Quite the hit will all the kiddos. P1070397P1070392

We moved the party outside to let the kids play in the water. Watch out for that Shark! No worries. It’s just Gage. How cute is his little swim outfit.


Gage is attacking the wrapping with his mouth. His plan was to eat the paper away.  P1070402 

The Happy Jung Family.

Somebody loves his momma and daddy! Gage got a little guitar so he can rock out with his dad and uncle Brent.


Carsyn is trying to give Roslynn a high five. We’re working on how to treat our friends. Give hugs, kisses and high fives are all good options. Way to be a good friend Carsyn.



What’s a party without cake, cupcakes that is. Yummy!P1070433

Way to go Misty. The party was great and everyone had a great time!!

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