Monday, June 20, 2011

Party Prep

Gagers had his first birthday this weekend. One years old!! It was a pool party in Granny and Papa T’s backyard. Good news is Carsyn was up bright and early to get the prep work started.  P1070324First was the pool. Carsyn dug right in and started supervising the filling of the pool


P1070327 What a pretty little worker bee. She owned that water hose.


P1070331 A good supervisor knows when the situation is under control and it’s time to move on. As you can see she wasn’t afraid to really see the job through, even if that meant she got a little wet.




Finally. Enjoying the fruits of her labor. A small diaper change and drink later, Carsyn was ready to relax. For about 5 seconds. Then momma had to relax, then Carsyn, then momma, then Carsyn…

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  1. Carsyn thanks for setting up the pools. The party wouldn't have been such a hit without your help. Love ya girlie!

    Aunt Misrty