Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Tony's mom and dad bought Carsyn a little bubble maker. She kept her distance.

Here she is, rather bored. In fact, she's acting like those bubbles don't exist. That new cup is WAY more interesting.

OK, wait. What is this? Maybe life's not all about this cup. I mean, it just has water in it anyway.

Oooo, maybe I like these bubbles. Let me try. I need to touch it, maybe taste it.

OK, I'm serious now. I need to get to the bottom of this bubble thing.

Sorry, I don't have a good pic after this. I was on 'don't eat the soapy water' mommy mode.


  1. Ooooh and those bubbles were fun. I liked watching you catch them and then look at your hand like "where did it go?" You were so sweet. I enjoyed the hugs and sugars. I love you, Carsyn.

  2. Thank you for the play by play. Any Crystal, a little soapy water won't hurt anyone. :)